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My brackets...they suck

OK, I don’t know what I did but I just filled out my brackets. And my final 4?


with Kansas defeating Texas in the national championship game.

No, I’m not quite sure how I came to this.

Not sure how Texas is gonna play for the NC when LSU beats em in the second round. :wink:

My final four came out:
With Kentucky defeating Syracuse

I’m filling in my bracket as I type this. Here’s how mine looks:



Oklahoma (My Sooners)


I know mine's a long shot, but the way the year has gone (No real dominant team aside from Kentucky) I believe we will see some upsets.

I see Kentucky winning streak to end against Pitt. It has to end sometime and I believe it will happen before the final four. If Kentucky does make it to the Final Four I see them winning the whole thing. If not, my Sooners will win their first National Title in basketball.

Of course, by this weekened I might have to toss this bracket because my picks will lose.


Where’s Kentucky, you commie!

Hey Doc-You’ve been listening to Digger Phelps too much; he’s got LSU going to the Great Eight. To do so, they’ll have to get through Timbo’s Longhorns and my boys from UConn (or Stanford). I don’t see that happening. Here are my picks for the final four:

  1. Kentucky
  2. Arizona
  3. Wake Forest
  4. Florida

Kentucky over Florida in the final.

Here’s mine too:



3)Miss st.


Ky over Miss st. in finals.

Its good to see that people are putting Syracuse in the final 4!!! I work about 20 minutes from Syracuse and let me tell ya, people are excited. Shit…if Carmelo Anthony comes back next year…Syracuse will be pretty darn good. But the chances of him coming back are slim to none. Ironically I dont have Syracuse making past the sweet 16! My final 4 came out Kentucky, Wake Forest, Kansas, and U-Conn…go figure??? As much as I want to see Syracuse go as far as possible…I just have a feeling they wont make it past Wake…lets hope I am wrong.

UConn still has a basketball team? :wink:

We’ve beaten a 1, a 2, and a 5 this year already. Don’t underestimate us.

Hell Doc, I would love to see LSU in the finals myself.

I have


With Kentucky over OK in the Final.

But I’m sure I will also have to redo it after this weekend.
Oh and by the way Texas is going to beat LSU ;-), but I fear them to fall to Arizona, but me and Timbo will keep hopin’, right Tim-bro.

Sounds like you’ve been listening to Dickie V.

Damn Pooh, I got Mississippi St. going dizown in round 1.

Did anyone else have a bear of a time with these picks? Normally I have a bit of trouble picking but it’s never really that hard. This year, I sat looking at them like I was a personal trainer and someone was doing overhead figure 8’s in my “health club.” I definitely had the deer in the headlights face on. And that’s how I came up with my picks. Here are my big upsets…please wait to chastise my until the upsets don’t happen.

Round 1
-Holy Cross over Marquette
-Wisc-Milwaukee over ND (I hate Notre Dame, so I guess that pick might be more for spite)
-Western Kentucky over Illinios
-Colorado over Mich. St.
-Butler over Miss. St.
-Penn. over OK st.

Round 2
-Creighton over Duke
-Colorado over Florida
-Bulter over Louisville

Round 3
-Dayton over Kentucky

Then, not so much upsets anymore as good games.

Most of those are doable Brent.

Except for that whole UK-Dayton thing, of course.

I knew you’d like that pooh. I don’t know about Kentucky though man. I just hate picking a team with a good sized winning streak going into the tournament. I know it’s only six games and it really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been winning for, but I can just never do pick them.

Cress - I know you want to send me your brackets completely filled out from 64 to 1 right?

Sorry bro, I’m an NBA fan, but could care less about college - somebody’s gonna get annoyed that I said it, but oh well.

Anyway, I’m gonna enter the pool, but figure your pics and better than mine.

Arizona, Louisville, Pitt and Maryland. Arizona over Maryland in the final.

Upset specials: Creighton over Duke, and Kansas out against their second rd. opponent.

nelson: come the fuck on! western kentucky over my fighting illini?
you crazy!

ps - nice mass gain.

also ran
also ran
also ran

Just kidding. Actually my Terps haven’t been consistent at all this year. But I can’t bring myself to not pick them.

the other 3



I know that Western Ky is a looong shot but sometimes you have to call’em. I also really don’t follow the Big Ten, but I’m not impressed by the conference this year. That being said, I will probably be wrong. It’s happened before and it will sure as hell happen again. Thanks for the compliment on the mass gain too. :slight_smile: