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Casey Stoner just took out the MotoGP at Phillip Island (Australia)for the 5th time to claim the World Championship title for the second time. The only person standing in his way was Lorenzo who crashed on a practice lap and did not race.

Stoner led from pole position and the gap between him and second place just got bigger as the race went on. In about the last 3 laps the rain started which took out a few of riders.

Australia are behind you Casey, your a fucken legend mate.



If he's a legend, what is Valentino Rossi?


Not Australian


Certainly. He looks clean and well mannered.


A god.


He's the guy on the worst bike ever. I think he'd have a better chance on the old Rizla Suzuki.

To be fair, Stoner is definitely a phenomenal rider and his speed is nothing short of amazing. It would be interesting to see both Stoner and Rossi on the Honda....



I've been a Rossi fan going back to his 250 days so this year has been brutal to watch.

Good for Stoner but he has a ways to go to pass Mick :wink:


^Doohan certainly did well 5x world MotoGP champ and yes Rossi is one of the greatest riders of all time but Ducati just don't seem to have a competitive bike at the moment even with Rossi on it.

Stoner being on the Honda may just be a new era in MotoGP racing.

Rossi and Stoner on the same bikes would be a race defiantly worth watching.


Rest in peace, Simoncelli...


That crash was horrific! Rossi and Edwards must be devasted, but looking at the crash there was very little they could do to avoid it. RIP Marco, he was a true talent and I'm sure he would have been a world champion in the 500 class in the very near future.




I don't want to see the crash. I really disliked him because I felt he caused too many accidents and always had those issues with Pedrosa and Lorenzo, but man, this is awful. Just 24 as well. Such bad luck, such a pity.

I know there will be always people who say "But in Africa children die everyday". It's true, but I can't choose how I feel...and I feel sad that he had to leave.


Nothing but respect for those guys.


Man, what a tough loss. Colin has to be just devastated by this even though he was powerless to stop it. Did you see him trying to get up to help him out? What a tragic loss indeed.

I really liked Marco because I think he brought a breath of fresh air and that untamed spirit is exactly what GP needs right now.

RIP Marco.



Fing shame about marco (RIP) but i'm amazed at rossi's ability to stay on the bike, that took skill.


RIP Marco. I hope it was instant. You knew it was the worst possible outcome when they canceled the race


RIP Marco, i got horrified by the crash.


You guys are blowing my mind right now! WTF?

I just got up from working night shift lastnight. I missed the race and I was going to check the MOTOGP.com website in a minute.

I'm afraid to now. After Rossi this was my guy. Fuck sakes...

How many years ago was it that that Japanese rider(can't recall hin name right now) died, two? It was a practice race I believe.


You nailed it regarding Marco, he was reckless but fun to watch, just like Rossi was when he was younger but without the crazy outfits.

This reminds me of the Bubba Shobert accident I saw on TV many years ago. Eddie Lawson trying to help out his fellow rider was inspiring and sad at the same time.


Were you thinking Tomizawa in Moto 2 or Kato in GP class?

The race was canceled after the crash. It was brutal to watch and understand if you don't want to see it. Yeah, I really like Marco a lot and he will be sorely missed.