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Most Powerful Superhero of All Time?


I recently looked at a few online rankings and to my surprise the Hulk was listed behind Silver Surfer, Thor, Superman, and Wonder Woman? I know and understand what makes them all so powerful, Thor and Superman are my favs, but come on, I thought there was no limit to Hulks strength, and that he can recover from any damage right?


Depends which universe and which version you're talking about. Early Superman was so powerful it made writing convincing enemies a problem, because there was no way they could really win. I guess Juggernaut should be up there, since he can't be stopped etc.


Doesn't Hulk still need to breathe? Couldn't Silver surfer, Superman, or Wonderwoman all just fly him into space and leave him there? Game over.


No, he likes to ride on the top of spaceships with no breathing apparatus, so I would say you're wrong.

Besides, everyone knows Wolverine the most powerful and could take Hulk whenever he wanted.


Ben Richards if were talking about power and abilities. The kid can create ANYTHING with his mind, whole realities/universe and such. They've had to restrict his power for many, many years.

If were talking about just raw strength then its between Hulk and Superman. I would give the edge to Superman because it will piss off Wolbarret.


200 quintillion tons with his left hand.
Ersatz Jesus wins.


Really? Didn't they fight early on in the comics? I know in an offshoot series of Wolverine comics, The Hulk easily broke Wolverine's spine. I mean sure you have crazy powerful characters like Superman, Silver Surfer, but toe to toe with the Hulk how could they win?

Hulk would just beat Superman to death with a huge peice of kryptonite, I'm sure if Hulk was angry enough he could rip away Thor's Hammer and destroy him, not to mention take away Silver Surfer's board and Surfer would be helpless against Hulk's brute force right?


What was the bads news!? What was the bad news!?


If that is All Star Superman, then the bad news was he is dying.

As far as The Hulk versus Silver Surfer is concerned I could have swore Hulk beat Silver Surfer during the Planet Hulk series?




Pootie Tang is right....in that issue Superman flew too close to the sun and though he experienced much greater strength he also got cancer.
But he's Superman so he got better.


Hulk does beat Wolverine. He can't beat Superman, Supes is way faster, considerably stronger, can fly, has heat vision that can fry and entire planet. And where the hell is the Hulk going to get a giant piece of Kryptonite?

Silver Surfer DOES NOT NEED HIS BOARD FOR HIS POWER! THATS ONLY THE FILM! The Surfer would absolutely annihilate the Hulk.

Thor beats the Hulk in a good fight. He is just as strong and considerably more versatile.

None of these guys are except Surfer are close to being the most powerful Superheroes though. For that you want the likes of White Phoenix of the Crown, Current Hercules, Shaman Nate Grey, Dr Solar, Mr Majestic etc


Depowered Silver Surfer known as the Silver Savage


Hey Red Star..."Hulk is the Strongest There is!!"

Also as far as Superman is concerned, doesn't Dardseid CONSTANTLY hand him a healthy beatdown, when they fight?

Hulk beat half the Marvel Universe, with only brute strength and ridiculous hops. I think he can take Supermans flash light vision and semi super speed.


^And ME...I will agree but I will give the edge to Hulk. Since his start in the 60's he has grown past the "only becomes stronger when he is angered stage" As the Banner/Hulk split becomes less and less Banner is showing that The Hulk is a being that has control over his own power.

He can control his very physical makeup on a atomic level. He can go without breathing as he did standing ontop of a space ship in WWH. Anger was the trigger in the past but its his mind that controls how strong the Hulk can become. He has no limits

Wow that was some Comic book nerdness to the max.


Firstly that is Red Hulk an entirely different character plus SS has had a huge power boost since then.

Secondly yes Darkseid constantly batters Superman but Darkseid would RAPE the Hulk.

He didn't beat half the Marvel U he beat some of Marvel earth. Mainly Iron Man, the X-men without any of their heavy hitters and the Fantastic Four. Sentry (weaker than Superman) stalemated him and Juggernaut was beating him till he threw him into a pond (which for some reason Juggs refused to leave for a while). The whole World War Hulk storyline was crap.

Here is Supermans heat vision

Slightly more than a flash light.
He is also capable of moving faster than lightspeed. He doesn't use this in combat but us still WAY faster than the Hulk.
Supes is also much stronger than the Hulks base strength and the fight would be over before the Hulk got strong enough to compete.


What about Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet? He just needed to snap his fingers and the whole universe would respond to his will.


mmm hhhmmmm, yeah I remember that fight. He was tossed.


Thread says Superhero. If including villains then Thanos with IF is right up there. But Pre Retcon Beyonder takes home the prize.


Shut your filthy blasphemous mouth!! Hulk has beaten the Avengers WITH ALL THEIR HEAVY HITTERS ON BOARD more than a couple times. Hulk would eat Superman's Lunch when shit got real. It would not be a walk in the park for big blue. Currently there is no cap on Hulks or Superman's strength so how can you be so positive of the outcome? I am admittedly being a little bias. But I think your stating opinion as fact.

Also lets keep this light Im really not trying to start a flame war......fuck Superman.