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Most Effective Supplement?


Hey Christian,

I am after the most effective supplements for someone not on a strict full time body building regime. Ive been lifting for nearly 15 years but find myself in my most serious phase right now and seem to be stuck and not seeing dramatic gains in muscle growth.

i am currently reading a lot on I3g, Mag-10, and a few others mentioned in your answers.

can you offer any direction as to which is the best supp or combo of supps to use to see the most gains in muscle growth and fat loss.

sorry if you feel you are repeating yourself.



Well I see some problems with your question:

  1. You do not seem to be that serious about training. It’s not a put down, not everybody is passionate about training. I understand that you are in a “serious phase” but how long will it last (muscle isn’t built in a few weeks) and how “serious” are you? How hard are you REALLY training. Someone who isn’t truly passionate about training and go hard year round doesn’t have the same perception of what “training hard” is as someone who doesn’t that it that seriously most of the time.

I have worked in gym for my whole life and seen a ton of them and thousands of people training. And I will tell you that I haven’t seen many people train hard enough to get spectacular gains, and none of them (that I can remember) were lifters who didn’t take it seriously most of the time but were in a “serious period”.

The body doesn’t want to change. And forcing it to change takes a lot of hard work, dedication and TIME.

  1. Even with the best supplement you can’t gain A LOT of muscle while losing fat. You can gain SOME muscle while getting a bit leaner. But if you want serious muscle you can’t do that (naturally) while losing fat. You can avoid getting fatter but if you try to get lean and add a lot of muscle at the same time you will end up going nowhere … ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO NOT RECORD YOUR DIET IN A JOURNAL… adding a lot of muscle while not putting on fat requires a precise diet (caloric and nutrients intake) and I’ve never seen someone who is not serious about training do that.

  2. That having been said I believe that for adding muscle a combo of INDIGO-3G, PLAZMA (pre and during training) and MAG-10 (post training) is the best combo for size.


Awesome reply, CT.


This question reminds me of the kids at my gym who ask me what I “take”. I take 2 grams of protein per pound BW and train 6 days/ week for 20 years. Supplements are like the paint on a house. You’ve got to build the house first…