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MMA Gyms


I live in North Jersey. Anyone know of any MMA gyms in the essex/union area. Im have ben searching for a while but all I seem to find are strictyly boxing gyms or your B/S karate school.


run a search at www.mma.tv


in general, there arent that many good "mma" gyms (where you can get expertise in boxing wrestling and bjj)

Jersy is pretty population dense though, so you might be able to find something


CHeck out some of those 'karate' schools. These days you can find TMA dojos which teach a variety of other arts as well...there is a TKD place near me that also claims to teach judo, BJJ, and kenpo. That doesn't mean it is quality instruction, but you might get lucky. There's a karate dojo that enters fighters into the local amateur MMA event, who do pretty well, so they must be teaching something other than karate.