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Mixing Testosterone Prop Powder


When mixing the testosterone powder with solvent are we talkin 2:15 (BA:BB) to the RAW powder or 2:15 of the overall product after adding your oil?

Ex: %2 to %15 of ____grams of powder


Ex: %2 to %15 of 1liter of finish product?

I’m jus learning this and could really use some help. Thnx!

Do a google search for “Steroid calculator”. When you find one, just type in how many mg/ml and how many ml you want and it will tell you the grams of powder, amount of oil, and BA, BB. Easy.

For prop 100mg/ml max. Personally the stuff stings like a motherfucker going in and leaves swelling at the site. Everyone reacts a little differently. Gives excellent results if you can tolerate it.


I did it with 2%BA and 20%BB and it had no pain. Use the “Steroid Calculator”, the percentage of solvent is pf the totale volume IE if your making 100ml, but it wont be 20ml of solvent because of the displacement of the powder.

Thanx guys super helpful 4 real