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Milk.. sweet milk..

I have realized something terrible! I’m allergic to milk! Well at least in quantities that’s useful to get any amount of protein from it. Are there any other protein sources as easy to consume, cheap and protein rich as milk? Or am I going to have to eat more of that crappy chicken?

eggs,tuna, tofu

I too am allergic to milk (and lactose intolerant too). If you are just lactose intolerant, Lactaid milk is the way to go. Same nutritional profile, better taste (I think), no gas or GI problems. If it is an allergy to milk (or some of it’s components), you may not be able to drink Lactaid. You know, if you do a quick price analysis, whey protein powder isnt much more expensive than milk in terms of cost per gram of protein.

Allergic? You mean lactose intolerant? Go to Costco and get some Lactaid…then you can drink all the milk you want, still cheaper than buying protein powders.

Hehehe hey deka, egg whites have no taste, tuna has no taste and tofu, well that has absolutely no taste. Try Tofu Dessert, it tastes great and is high in protein. Cottage cheese is also great and how about Surimi. Its that red and white meat in your supermarket, made from crab meat (and a few other species i believe) tastes awesome and very high in protein.
Jagin what do you mean crappy chicken? On my breaks at work i buy some barbequed chicken with satay sauce (or something like that) and it tastes unreal. Escpecially the skin, yes the skin, so freakin juicy and sweet.

THe milk I’m drinking has 14 grams of protien per 250ml. so two glasses makes the maximun amount of protien the body can use in one hour. Two glasses isn’t that much. Look at the back of the carton when buying to find one low in fat and high in protien. There normally pretty easy to find. You could also put an egg into the mix and maybe some ice cream. Bearing in mind that an egg is the most perfect source of protien. Look for low fat ice cream. Low fat cottage cheese is also good. Mix in a blender and you’ll never need an MRP again.

Few people are actually allergic to milk. In reality, lactose intolerant individuals just don’t produce enough enzymes to properly digest it. Try this… chew your milk wen you drink it… I know that sounds funny, but the chewing process allows one to produce the enzyme. If that doesn’t work get some Dairy Ease tablets… those help quite a bit…

When was the rule established that the body can only use 28 grams of protein in one hour? I think it differs for everyone Jim depending upon the size of the person.

Right next to the cans of tuna, at the grocery store, you can get cans of lean chicken. The one I get has no saturated fats in them. I like to mix a can of chicken, along with a tablespoon of fat-free mayonayse and some flax oil. One can of this chicken approximately gives you 28 grams of protein. Not the best tasting, but at least its a good source of protein. And I have a way to use my flaz oil without drinking it straight from the spoon. Yuck.

I agree with you Scott. Every time I use an MRP or a more natural mixture I’m always wondering whether my body is actually using the protien, or if it needs more. I’d like to see some decent studies that show if a more individualised approach was useful.

Thanks for all the input guys! BoogaBrain: would a general digestive enzyme supplement also help? Thanks!

Hi Jagin. You should make sure that whatever digestive aid you take contains lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose in the gut. You can buy lactase at any health food store. You might also want to include a general digestive enzyme that could include the pancreatic enzymes, hydrchloric acid, or papayin, or some combincation thereof.

Thanks Greg!