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mexican steroids

I’ve heard not to buy oral d-bol from mexico. If so what could someone get around the same price range instead. What are some of the more trust worthy steroids from mexico. Thanks for the help. devil1

Everything out of Mexico is crap. Most people will say that Mexican gear is underdosed, and “dirty”. I have used some stuff in the past that came in 10ml vials, where I only pulled about 8 or 9 cc out of them.

If you MUST get some Dbol from there, pick up some Reforvit. Good luck.

I think Denkall is from mexico and there are some people on here who really seem to like it. I have actually heard good things about them from several people. Same with Quality Vet i believe. I dont know if they make dbol though.

Go with Denkall and Quality Vet, no one else down there is worth the risk.

absolutely, go with denkall d-bol just don’t get the 10mg capsules, I think they are severly underdosed, also with quality vet, do not, I repeat DO NOT BUY THE 50ml Bottles, I swear they take one 10 ml of there product (which is real good) and make a 50 ml bottle out of it! and you will be tempted because of the price…just think why would anyone sell 50 ml of a product for 30% more than one of there 10ml bottles?

Well Mass Nutrition, unless you’ve been to Mexico and bought some stuff from there I really can’t see why you say everything coming out of Mexico is crap. I take offense to that!
If you want to buy real D-bol go with Reforvit-B, you can also get test such a sSust or Primotest but if you do, get it directly from a pharmacy. Unlike most people in the forum I do know abot mexican steroids. They’re legit, just don’t go to Tijuana or some border town, go to a big city like Monterrey, guadalajara or Mexico City. I’m tired of hearing shit from people about how bad mexican gear is!

My apologies Kike. I labelled ALL Mexican gear as being crap. When I was down in Mexico, I picked up some gear from those border town pharmacies and pharmacies in hot tourist spots. Judging by your comments, I shouldn’t have.

My main flame was for the Brovel brand and that Tokkyo (sp?) shit. The stuff was seriously underdosed. I should have clarified that QV and Denkall and much more reputable. Thanks Kike.

Wasnt ttokyo like the best shit going for awhile? I remember there were lots of bummed people when they shut down (i think they got busted).

You’re right MassNutrition, you shouldn’t get your stuff from border town pharmacies, everyone knows that Americans go there to get their stuff so people underdose it on purpose. If you do go, get them from a reputable pharmacy or vet supply store. Remember Mexico also has huge pharmaceutical companies such as Organon, Schering etc… and they wouldn’t risk being sued by underdosing their medicines. Good luck next time you go there…


thanks, helps alot i will let you know how things go.

BULLSHIT. Mexico gets a bad rap for the sole purpose of scammers and the like. IF you know where to go and your stuff is legit then you will NOT have a problem. Denkall is a quality product. QV is also a quality product if you know what to buy. My choice of coarse would be Denkall first. I put 30lbs of mass on from Mex shit. I guess all the stuff down there must be crap then huh?!

Stick with Denkall and Quality Vet

Stay away from the 50ml vial as told before and as far as the QV D-bol 10mg tabs go, I can personally attest that they kick ass.


I bought some 50ml/250mg QV Test E when I was down in Cozumel a few years back and that stuff rocked all the way to the last cc. Hey Kike- I got it from a Vet store. You right brother. Reputable store = legit shit.

Sweet guys! You said it right Scorp! Finally some people who can appreciate a little “mexican curious” hehehe.


scorp What should i expect to pay for 50 ml/250mg of eq. And should i get it even though i hear so much bad about it. I mean quality vet or should I go with something else

Mexican sauce is fine. ru12envme is right, you just have to know where to go.

Devil 1, you should pay no more than 80 dollars (around $800 pesos). The quality is good and if you have access to it go for it! Now, remember to go to a good vet supply store. By the way, if you tell me where you’re going I can tell you if they may have good vet supply stores down there.


texmex border nueve laredo, reynosa or matamoros. they are all about the same distance from me. I am more familiar with laredo.

Dude, I ventured into Laredo a couple years back to do some “shopping” It was nothing like TJ and since I went on a Sunday, I swear it was like a fucking ghosttown. To make matters worse I had my girlfriend with me who was nervous as it were but I made her feel better by telling her the ease I had in TJ. So, we roll in there and its nothing like I expected. No rolling hills of pharmacies, nothing like that. The ones I found required a prescription. I finally hailed a cab and had him take me to the marketplace where there was more hustle and bustle. There I had people jumping out at me asking me if I wanted this or that but I still had to go through a middleman of sorts who brought me to some place in a back alley where some female doctor wrote me a script. She had the runner take the script and return like an hour or so later with product. Laredo was succesful but turned out to be more expensive as the middleman’s fee and the doctor’s fee were obviously included. It might of been a fluke but that was my one and only experience in a Mexican border town other than TJ.

Ive heard stories from freinds just like that. Ive been there before, i used to go all the time but i knew nothing about what i was shopping for. I knew of one place there that a buddy always took me to to get himself other types of pharmacuticals<–? I would always pick up testasterona 200 and a few sus. But like i said i had know idea of what i was doing. Now when i go i want to know exactly what to expect and what the hell im getting.