Metal Militia Seminar

September 15th in Winchester VA. Metal Militia Winchester will host a powerlifting seminar featuring Bill Crawford (900 pound bencher and the man who started METAL MILITIA. Bill is one of the greatest bench coaches in the world) and Matt Wenning (who has totaled over 2600 pounds in competition and is also one of the greatest strength coaches in the world). Both coaches, all day for $100.
There will be a limit on lifters attending and seats will fill on a first come first serve basis.
This will be a seminar for both raw and geared lifters on programming, technique, meet prep and Q&A.

Contact to confirm your seat.

Bill is an awesome coach. I learned so much about equipped benching from him. You can’t do much better than Wenning as far as coaching goes also. $100 is a really fair price for a seminar like that.

On a side note, when did Bill get 900? It’s not in the plwatch rankings.

Hey Vinnie, thanks for the input. Bill hit a 900 “exhibition” lift a few months back at an IPA meet. He hasn’t done it in an actual meet yet so we’ll see.

Take care man, I plan on coming up to the last man standing, good luck man, it looks like it will be a lot of fun with some great benchers.