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Metabolic Diet

The question I pose pertains to the differences between the Anabolic Diet and the Metabolic Diet. Simply, what are the changes? Or where could I pick up a book detailing the changes? I assume some form of post-workout nutrition is included in the Metabolic Diet. The principles of Dr.Dipasquale intrigue me as I have realized my body functions at a much healthier level when I reduce carbohydrate levels to 15-25%, consisting primarily of fiberous, low GI sources such as apples and oatmeal. I would appreciate any information provided. -Thanks

The book can be purchased from qfac. It is better overview of the ways to tweak the diet in the new book. Also A lot of the things people are writing about in t-mag as to postworkout nutrition and a more healthy version in two forms, a strict form(5%) carbs and a more moderate option(10-15%) carbs that greatly resembles berardi’s low carb version of his massive eating.

Hi Michael, I’ve come to the same conclusion as yourself - I definitely function better on lower carbs. The post workout part of the puzzle has been the hardest part to figure out. I’m currently experimenting with glutamine and whey post workout and am considering adding some carbs. I’ll keep you posted.


The Metabolic Diet is very similar to the Anabolic Diet in its initial stages. Basically its the same diet and if you don’t function as well, you slowly add carbs into your diet until you feel better. Carbs can be used post-workout but there is never a big emphasis on it in his book. QFAC has it as well as metabolicdiet.com, which is almost the whole book on his web site. The book is OK but I don’t agree with the high fat intake, it works for some but many, especially myself, I just get fatter.

The metabolic diet book is longer and has more details and “why’s”, but honestly you can do the diet just fine by only reading the ‘eat like a man’ articles at t-mag. The T-Dawg diet is also very similiar.

Thank you to everyone for the information. I am planning on starting at around 15% carbohydrate, with half being comprised of maltodextrin in my pre and post workout shakes. Currently, I am on a hypertrophy mesocycle; but I hope to tighten my body a little by simply cleaning up my diet. At the moment I weigh 274 lbs. at 6’1" with 18% bodyfat. The bodyfat is high by the standards of most T-Mag readers, but my goal is a bodyfat around 12-14%-my cutting mesocycle begins in late April,proceeding a sixty-day strength phase . It’s range which allows a comfortable lifestyle for me. Again, thanks for the information. -Michael S.

Hey Michael, you’re coming from a similar position to which I was in. By utilising a paleo diet I dropped from 295lbs (at around 20% bf) to my current 242 (at just under 9%).
I didn’t use any post workout carbs, relying on a small piece of fruit with each meal. In hindsight this was probably a mistake and something which I would caution others against - be sure to get some carbs in immediately post workout.