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Mental Issues On Cycle?

Hello T

I want to talk about the subject, of mental issue’s while on gear.
I like to hear how many there suffer’s while on cycle.

I have a got tendens to be paraniod while on gear, kind of anxious.

Mostly health concerns, and this started to happend after i got my last baby girl.

It comes and goes someday im hulk and nothing can stop’s me.

Other day’s im anxious Afraid of dying. Its pretty annoying specially as far as i know nothing is wrong with my body blood results great.
Even got a heart scan last year, everything looked perfectly fine.

Its still hits me sometimes and i start to fell bad fysical.

Anyone else fell this way, or have any mental issue’s

I would suggest not using gear if you have suffer from any sort of mental issues. They can magnify greatly while on cycle and possibly even more when you come off. Best to err on the side of caution.

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I been on multiply cycle’s for several years so it not something new to me.

End of the day i know its just psychological.

I have suffered from anxiety since i was 15 but learned to deal with it.

On certen gear i can comes again mostly on oral’s dbol/winny

And tren thats a very messie one for me mentally.

I have anxiety naturally, but it’s mostly gone away since starting trt. Never had any issues while blasting, either, but I limit my variables as much as possible. But on nandrolone? Hooboy was that not a great time. 18 weeks on doctor prescribed nand was like a slow ride down into a depressive funk that I didn’t even know I was in until after the fact. The 19-nor class of drugs seem to have the highest rate of mental side effects, so avoiding those entirely is a good first step.

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Yeah sometimes its just hard to avoid the good stuff, defently when it also gives me the best mental felling when im having a good day.

Npp was no problem for me but the long ester also putted me in a big black hole and had to stop it after 4 weeks.

Is it possible it have something to do with the ester’s
Its actually the same with tren A and E it seems like on E its more of issue then A ^^

Nah, I just get horny as hell and just want to wreck my wife’s WAP all day.

Oh no not on here man haha


I get a bit more irritated easily when on tren, less patient mostly. Test never messes with me negatively, if anything I feel way better. Clen will give me the worst anxiety of my life so I don’t bother with it.