Meets in England, 2012?

Hey guys and girls, i have been looking around the web for a raw meet to do around spring/summer in the South east of england (eg crystal palace). I havnt found much in the way of anything, mainly just bench and deadlift (why no squat?) in essex (shudders).

Also, this would be my first meet - complete newb. I just want to rock up with wrist wraps and knee sleves - would this be a problem?

Check out the GBPF site also the BDFPA - both of those are tested feds…

There is also the BPC (non tested).

With the wrist wraps and sleeves - sleeves should be fine, I know with the GBPF you will need to have an approved supplier (Titan, Inzer etc), unsure on the BDFPA though…

Hey man, GBPF and BDFPA are the main two as Adam said. I’d have a look over at Sugden Barbell too, good forum with lots of powerlifter/strongman competitors, also has a a competition section.

I want to compete as well, probably towards the end of 2012/start of 2013 (gives me enough time to sort out my hips and squat)

My medium term goal is the qualifiying total for the GBPF British Unequipped Championships which is 570kg at 100kg and 600kg at 110kg. I reckon you are quite close to if not at those numbers already.

well, im currently at 110kg, 215/220kg deadlift, 205 squat, no idea about bench. gives me something to shoot for

A 3 plates bench and a little bit of natural improvement all round and you are basically there. Would be awesome to compete at a national competition.

Im 103kg and 0/100ishkg squat 200kg dead and 115kg bench, a long way to go!

I’m thinking of competing next year too, probably in the South West, or up North towards the end of 2012 as i’m moving up there in Sept.

I weigh 85kg at the moment with a 230kg deadlift, 130kg bench and 170kg squat. I almost competed this year but decided to drop some weight. I’ll definitely check out those websites!

Go onto the BDFPA website abnd click on events, got the whole 2012 powerlifting calender on it. I am competing in the scottish open on the 29th of january in the 100kg class. Lifts are 227.5kg squat/160kg bench/290kg deadlift, Dont know how this compares to other 100kg lifters though,will be my first meet too. Go for it man!

Those lifts sound good TamC, you’ll do some damage in your show!

Not really south east, but the GBPF south west open is normally in April, though there’s normally a lot of unequipped lifters there too. That’s been in Cheltenham the last 2 years. Then the GBPF south west unequipped is normally in May, that was held in Bournemouth last year. Both are always really well run competitions.

Oh yeah, not really sure if it matters with it being your first comp, but GBPF use the new IPF weight classes that started in Jan so there is no 100kg, 110kg etc. Closest class is the 105kg, otherwise its 120kg or 93kg.

Thanks Rob! Good news as I have 0.5kg less to lose now to make the 83kg class instead of 82.5