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MD6 soon to be off the market

Hi all,
I am a pro level mountain bike racer considering using MD6 in the late winter to take lean down for the race season. After doing a bunch of research online, I have decided that MD6 is the way to go. However I have just learned that they are discontinuing in as of June 30 (check out their website) but will be replacing it w/ a NON ephedra version later in the summer. A question for those who have used it: Do you think that the other ingredients in MD6 will still work WITHOUT the ephedra or should I stock up on the old stuff now (will it keep til spring)? Thanks.

You will still have a while to buy MD6 after it has been discontinued. T2 was discontinued a little while back and it’s still widely available. I would stock up on MD6, but I don’t believe there’s any rush yet.

Unlike the original T2, I happen to know that MD6 w/ ephedrine probably won’t be around long. Biotest only had a small amount in inventory when the decision was made to switch to a new formula.

The other things in MD6 work very well. It’s a great formula. As much as I love the stuff, I’m not worried. I have no doubt Biotest will stick some stuff in there that will work just as well, probably something most of us haven’t even heard about yet.