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Massive Eating T/F

Since I like to break things apart and analyze them, and I think most of you on the forum do too, I created this T/F test to see if everyone agrees on the same things. Since we all customize the diet to our own needs, for the sake of being on the same page lets assume we’re strictly following the 3 P+C meals followed by 3 P+F meals. JB, I’m interested in your comments on this.

  1. Lipolysis occurs during the P+C meals phase early in the day
  2. Lipolysis occurs during the P+F meals phase later in the day
  3. Your body usually enters ketosis a few hours after your last P+C meal
  4. You are more insulin sensitive in the morning than the evening
  5. You do less damage to your body if you eat a cheat meal for breakfast than for supper
  6. The mixture of carbs and fats found in nuts creates the synergistic insulin release that we’re trying to avoid
  7. Muscle is preserved during the P+C phase if you get enough calories
  8. Muscle is preserved during the P+F phase if you get enough calories
  9. The best time to work out is before the last P+C meal because the P+F phase is less anabolic
  10. You ate 3 P+C meals, one P+F meal. At 4 PM you work out then take a high GI P+C meal for recovery. For supper you should get back on schedule and eat P+F.
  11. Insulin always favors muscle and can ONLY store nutrients in fat cells when blood insulin level passes a certain threshold which is based on your insulin sensitivity
  12. Insulin still stores nutrients in fat cells when your insulin levels are low, just not near as much as compared to when they’re high
  13. If you eat only enough of a snickers bar to release the amount of insulin as a large bowl of oatmeal does, then it is has the same effect on fat cells as the bowl of oatmeal.
  1. False
  2. True
  3. False
  4. True
  5. True - b/c more insulin sensitive
  6. False
  7. True
  8. False - some muscle breakdown is unavoidable, however, it is miniscule compared to what you gain in the morning
  9. True
  10. False - you need another P+C meal for recovery
  11. True - I believe it is theoretically possible to store zero fat in a day if you do it perfect.
  12. False - I believe they ONLY start storing in fat cells past a certain level
  13. False - the snickers is actually better b/c it takes so few calories to get the same insulin release as oatmeal… so there are less C+F grams to store in fat

I’m taking uneducated guesses on questions 11-13. I’m looking forward to seeing just how wrong I am on some of these.

I’ll admit my understanding of some dietary principles is limited, but here are my guesses, with stars and commentary by ones where we disagreed.

1 F
2 T
3 F
4 T
5 T
6 F
7 T
8 T * Maybe I was wrong
9 T
10 Depends on your goals (muscle gain or fat loss. Actually, I would prefer to eat 2 P+C meals, a P+F, then have a P+C after the workout, followed by 2 P+F. That way we still have 3 P+C and 3 P+F, rather than 4 and 2. Furthermore, I think JB recommends if you work out in the afternoon to have the meal before the workout to be P+F.

Feel free to challenge this opinion.

11 T
12 T * I could be wrong
13 F But I disagree with your assertion that the candy bar is better. As far as my understanding goes, the Snickers (high-glycemic) makes your insulin rise and fall faster than the low-glycemic oatmeal, even if the total insulin increase is equal.

And who says you want to do it with fewer calories with the Snickers? Doesn’t that depend on your goals? If I’m on a bulking phase, I want to consume more calories, not fewer.

Hey BaldScholar: would you say that most of our health problems as Americans are due to having high levels of C+F in the body? I believe so, and that’s why I’m so excited about Massive Eating, because it builds a lean AND healthy body. I believe your body is suited to primarily burn either sugars or fats at any given time, and mixing sugars and fats in the blood causes the excess insulin and fat storage, including artery plaque formation, and the increased insulin resistance. Am I oversimplifying things a bit, or would you pretty much agree?

I disagree on #8; fat can be protein sparing provided that you are taking in enough calories and are metabolically efficient at burning fat.

#10 depends on the person; not everyone should be taking in 5 P&C meals per day.

I don’t buy your theory on #11 and 12. It’s a good thought, but insulin is insulin; regardless of how much is out there, it’s going to have the same effect (just in lesser proportions).

I disagree on #13, too; not all calories are created equal.

Browncy: I agree.