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Mag-10 keeping the gains

I’ve just finished my first mag10 cycle and have made very impressive gains.
I was working out 5 times a week while on the cycle, and before the cycle I was only working out 3 times a week.
Should I carry on working out 5 times a week to maintain the gains or is 3 days a week enough?
Also should I still be lifting as heavy as when on the cycle.
I’ve got exams coming up in a few weeks and may have to take a week or two off from training, if I stick to a proper diet, will I keep the gains or will I loose everything I’ve gained on the cycle?

Just because you have exams, doesn’t mean you have to quit training totally for two weeks. That’s silly. In fact, you’ll probably do better on your exams if you take a break and get some training in. Surely you can afford 45 minutes three times a week?

As for your other questions, you might want to read the “Growth Surge Project” articles at T-mag and the MAG-10 FAQ.