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Lower Back Isolation Exercise?


Right now im training using Westside/conjugate method, and i have problem because i dont have access to Back extension bench or Reverse hyper machine I have only basic equipment, rack, flat/incline bench, Lat Pull Down/Low Row machine. I already do a lot GM, deadlifts, squats, rows, so i hit lower back somewhat, but i need small exercise that allow me somewhat isolation lower back, and pump tons of reps. Any ideas?

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seated good mornings


Pommel Horse and Wall Ladder

Home Style

With your bro

Reverse Hyper On Table

Home Style with Ankle Weights

Fun circus tricks


Belt action for hips and glutes

It took me weeks to work up to 3 “sets” of 100 steps with a Purple (Light) Band.

Laura’s banded belt squats and dimmels look like a great warmup for squats and deads.

After body tempering and a bit of rolling, I usually do GHRs and lateral band walks for warmup but these look promising.

In the past, I kinda half-assed the band thru belt walk. I’d use a tiny red band, or do like 20 steps. They didn’t feel much different or better than lateral band walks or “monster walks” or whatever.

After listening to all the Conjugate guys rave about the benefits of the belt squat machine, I got more serious with the band thru belt. Now I love it. Way, way better than the lateral band walks. Both legs and hips work together/ against eachother in a more useful way. These days, I use it as a real assistance exercise (after squats/deads, before reverse Hypers).

To be fair, I was probably just half-assing the lateral walks.

Banded good morning (no weight)?

Thanks for advice!

I must say Banded belt squat walks with purple (light) band killed me. I managed to do only 3 x 90sec, And I thought it would be easy to do 3 x 5min huh.
Banded GM feels good too for extra workout.

The other exercise I found - Pull Through narrow stance, legs straight. This hit lower back too.

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There’s the straight legged glute bridge.

I would both elevate your feet and use your hands to hang off something so your but is hanging in the air at the bottom of the rep. I use a barbell in the hooks on the power rack. If it’s too much, don’t elevate your feet and keep them on the ground. You might need to at least to start things off.

What I also like about this set up is that at the top of the rep, you can seamlessly transition into a leg curl. The combo is killer for hamstrings and low-back and leaves my low back feeling really good. I think I might be decompressing my spine here. Anyway, if my back feels a little cranky after some squats or deads, these seem to help iron things out.

Something like this

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