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Low Testosterone Help

I’m 22, have been lifting for 4.5 years, never done steroids.

I recently bought LGD + clomid and planned to do a SARMs cycle. I got my bloodwork done beforehand and even took 10mg of LGD the day after submitting my blood sample to the lab.

I recently got the results and apparently my testosterone is low - 243 ng/dl (normal is 348-1197).

Obviously I stopped the SARMs. However, what should I do to fix my natty test levels? The only explanation as to why it is low that I can think of is I dieted to extremely low bodyfat levels April 2015 -> August 2015. I was only sexually active once a week by the end of the cut and have been bulking for 4 months since. Now I’m sexually active once a day and am also progressing at a decent pace in the gym.

However, I definitely feel I was more energetic and had a higher libido about 1-2 years ago. I have clomid on hand. Do you think I could use that to bring my natural production up?

Here is the test results btw: http://imgur.com/hDhtLy8

Why haven’t you asked your doctor for testosterone shots or whatever he offers. Why the hell are you posting here

There can be multiple causes and you have to consider your low T to be a symptom and not a cause. You need to find the causes and deal with that and resist doing TRT for now.

Please go to the T replacement forum.
In the 2nd post of the one sticky there, please see links to these topics:

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • HPTA restart …

Create a thread/topic for your case in the T-replacement forum and keep using that so your case is not fractured across multiple threads.

Your starvation diet can mess with your hormones by not having enough fat in your diet and from the starvation. Starvation can increase T4–>rT3 and that slows down your metabolism, a good survival strategy for surviving a food dearth. Please see the Thyroid Basics Explained topic and measure your oral body temperatures to evaluate your overall thyroid function. fT3 regulates your metabolic rate and body temperature. rT3 blocks** f**T3.

Labs needed:
fasting cholesterol [can be too low]
fasting glucose
AM cortisol [at 8AM please]

[You can get your own labs done in most USA states. There are several sources; lef.com is one.
This would be out-of-pocket.]