Low Test and Shrinking Left Testicle

I am a healthy 34 year old. Over the last year or so I have noticed symptoms of low testosterone, and have noticed that my left testicle has been shrinking. I went to my family Dr. in July and my testosterone level was 611. I began feeling worse recently (becoming emotional, ED problems ect.).

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Urologist and again had my testosterone level checked. It was down to 369. I am suspecting that there is a problem with my left testical causing my drop in testosterone. I am having a ultrasound done in a few days and a follow up appointment with my urologist in a couple of weeks. He is open to putting me on TRT but I am not willing to do this until the cause of my low testosterone is diagnosed.

I do not have any children but want to someday so TRT is a bit risky now in my opinion.

Does anyone have any ideas what would cause just one testicle to shrink? I’m just trying to gather more information before I go back to see my urologist. Any help would be appreciated.

Might want to get evaluated by the urologist for a varicocele. Or perhaps he did that?

Let us know what the ultrasound shows if you want.

As for children, you can do that on just one testicle.