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Low T, Want to Do My First Cycle Advice

Hey guys, first time here. 39yrs old. Correct me if I get some of this wrong.
I noticed this year I’ve lost some motivation in the gym. Losing some gains, body is softening up a little and my drive isnt as strong as it used to be.
Just got some test results back:
T: 238.0
SHBG: 45
12% BF

I want to get on a cycle of Test. I dont want to get on anabolics. I’m assuming Test E is the best option.
Considering 500mg/wk of Testosterone enanthate for 12wks
If I take Nolvadex, should I also take clomid?
is HCG necessary?
I’m headed to Tijuana tomorrow. What should I pick up while there? Any recs on pharmacies or docs I should visit while there? Assuming I should get a script from a doc just for backup when bringing it back over.

You need to just get on TRT. What is a cycle going to do if you return to those levels afterwards?

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500mg is way too high for a first cycle. You’ll be good with 250-300mg max.

And you will need TRT after.


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You mean just permanently get on a low dose of Testosterone enanthate or cypionate?
Something like 50mg 2x week + HCG?

Yea. But if you are going to manage it without a Dr make sure you study ask questions and monitor your blood. You would see much better results having optimum TT and FT indefinitely rather than 3000 TT for a few months. Plus all the health benefits and longevity.


Thats what I’m looking for.