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Low Sugar Creatine

Anyone know of any low sugar / low carb creatine?

Plain Micronized creatine- look for a creapure type product

i’ve try some:

  1. Cell-Tech Carb Control - burns my throat because of their ALA

2)Bolt - they contain GPA, something may be dangerous…you can find this in “cool tips”

3)Meta-Cell - good taste.

whenever i use creatine products, my body holds water…

if you want me recommend one of these three, i’ll say Meta-cell. but may be plain creatine is also good…

just my 0.2 cents

The sugar is what causes the insulin surge which loads the creatine in the muscles. I don’t believe this can really be done in a low carb way, although you should experiment with the amt of carbs you need to digest it. Throw the creatine in your Surge PWO and youll be fine.

[quote]blinkstafoo182 wrote:
Anyone know of any low sugar / low carb creatine?[/quote]

Creatine has no sugur or carbs.

You’re probably referring to sweetened “Creatine Products” that have a whole bunch of other crap in them.

Buy plain creatine monohydrate. It is flavorless. Mix it in with your PWO drink, like Surge, for example.

I use HDT micronized creatine. It is pure creatine with nothing else added. It is pretty good stuff, I mix it with my Surge.

I just dont want all the sugar that is in both the Surge and the Cell Tech, I just want something that I can take post workout with no/low sugar, becuase I am also watching my weight. If this type of product even exist and will give good results.

Blink, you obviously haven’t educated yourself on how the body works during and after intense exercise.

Please, read these articles, then take your Surge and don’t worry about the sugar:

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