Low SHBG, Injection Frequency/Dosing Help?

hi i’m new here and need help. I am from Europe and have been on Trt 1 year the doctor put me on Nebido 4ml 7 week and I did not feel well. my values ​​before trt were
T 12 nmol
E2 70nmol
Shbg 29 nmol.

After the new blood test on trt I came up to 30nmol but after 3 weeks I had 12nmol and shbg dropped to 20nmol. I have read quite a lot here and understand that I need to inject often. What protocol had you recommended for me? and if I go down in dose will my shbg go up? and how else can I raise it? My doctor is quite flexible he was willing to test every three weeks but it feels too far in between. Read that some feel good on 1ml every other week .

Thanks for advice

Your levels are low and outside the therapeutic ranges, you need to increase the shot frequency.

The shorter single esters (cypionate/ethanate) are better and gives you more control allowing you to better manipulate all individual hormones. These may or may not be available in your country.

If Nebido is the only option, every other week at 1ml is worth a try as you should experiment to see what works for you.

Most of the time SHBG decreases on TRT since (injections) has a suppressive effect on SHBG levels, however in cases where SHBG is being suppressed do to diabetes, then SHBG should increase on TRT.

In your case Nebido takes a long time (90 days) to reach a stable state, so labs every 3 weeks makes no sense.

There was as member on Nebido 20mg daily and was reporting he felt great. Most of the time these recommended dosage and injection intervals are holy inadequate and experimentation to find a protocol that works for you is absolutely necessary.

okay, but will shbg decrease all the time over the years or does it stay up at a certain level? it makes me anxious otherwise because in the end trt will not work

It will plateau at some point, the only way it will decline is if you eat garbage and sit on the cough and get fat, in other words living a shitty lifestyle.

SHBG increases right after exercise, a vegetarian diet can also increase SHBG.

Thank you !