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Losing Fat Around the Abs

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know any good ab articles where it explans how to loose fat around the ab area. I don’t know if this would help, im 5’11 195lbs, been working out for 9 months so far, but still have fat around the ab area so im assuming im doing something wrong.

any info is appreciated.

thank you

Think of fat loss like draining a swimming pool. You can’t just drain the deep or shallow end. You have to drain from the entire pool untill you get the part exposed that you want to see.
Fat loss is the same concept. You can’t “spot” reduce. Unfortunately, for most people, the mid-section is the last to go and first to show when it comes to fat.
Eat cleany and keep training. Eventually the abs will come out.

As it has been said already, “spot reduction” won’t happen. Basically, you will have to follow a two-pronged approach:

1.) Lower your body fat level
2.) Develop the relevant muscles

Check out the Beginner’s Thread. You will find various articles on diet and training:


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