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Loose Skin Females?


My wife gave birth to our 3rd child 2 1/2 years ago (finally a son). Anyways after that pregnacy she really struggled to lose the weight and get her body back in shape and to me she looks AWESOME! But to her she says her skin around her belly never tightened up at all. This brings me to the question that I am not sure that you guys/girls can answer? The superficial forum she goes to says Surgery is the only way? Is there anything else she can do instead? Like I dont mind paying for the treatment but if there is a better way Id like her to try it.
I know this is kinda a stupid question because its probably more a male forum but there seems like there is alot of intelligent people here.


I think that she may be right about surgery being the only option. If she has low bodyfat and is in great shape and everything else looks tight, you may have no other choice. It's the same thing that happens to people that have been 50lbs overweight or more, the skin loses its elasticity and does not rebound the way it should. She may not have been severely overweight, however she had three children that caused her belly to stretch tremendously. The skin around her belly has lost all elasticity.


I have the same problem. Not a lot of loose skin, but a little bit, and enough to make me self conscious. I have been told that the unneeded skin will slowly go away and that exfoliating often will speed it up a bit. If this is true, the timeframe may depend on the amount of skin you are talking about.


My wife seems to have the same problem. I use skin tightening cream and lotion. Plus I always tell her that she is the most beutiful sexual women on earth(which is the truth). Also she works out on the pilates ball and on the treadmill with a heart rate monitor so she could stay in that zone. I hope this helps you ease your mind.

Cheers Rick


The degree of elasticity in the skin changes with age. Younger people tend to have a greater reboound. I've seen some people lose 50+ pounds and the skin returns close to normal after a year. Others aren't so fortunate and have to have surgery. I'd give it a year and hope for some rebound.

If she decides to go for the surgery PM me and I can recount the experiences of a client of mine that had it a year ago.


Thiomucase cream.


If it's been 2.5 yrs since her last baby, she's probably stuck with what she's got. I also have this problem (along with nasty stretch marks and separated ab muscles) and am hoping to get a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) soon. I also believe that age and genetics play a factor in how our skin responds to pregnancy, but after a year or so whatever's going to shrink, has shrunk...


Thanks alot guys! I was really suprised at all the responses about this topic! Now its time to investigate the options and procedures!
Thanks again, you guys rock!


After a yr. the skin will have shrunk back to what ever degree it ever will.

Please continue to be a good man and encourage and support your wife.

If you consider the surgical appoach the surgeon will want her to be as fit as possible befor hand IE if she is over weight at all he will prefer her to have lost the weight if she has not been training the abs she should be.

As for the exfoliation tip with all do respect that is absolutely absurd exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells which cause new one to come to the surface and may make for softer skin but has nothing to do with elasticity.

Good luck to you and your wife.


True, but one thing that occured to me is that it may not be 2.5 years since she actually lost the baby fat. I know some women lose it right away, but others take some time getting it off - esp. if they're breastfeeding (I know that's supposed to help, but it seems not always).

Anyway, I agree that if the skin hasn't tightened up mostly by the time the person has been at the lower weight for about a year, then it probably isn't going to.

If it really bugs her, the surgery is an option. The only suggestion I'd make as to that is to consider waiting until after the youngest child is old enough not to expect to be picked up. After my TT, I picked up one of my nephews and put him right back down.




I just thought I'd add my tuppence worth. or 2 cents worth as you would say in the States:Do you have 'MESOTHERAPY' in the US?

Mesotherapy is a French Beauty Treatment that is highly effective for Fat loss or Skin Tightening. It is many, many injections given in the desired area for fat loss or skin tightening.

Pleaseread this article as it will explain much better then I could. It is very sucessfull but quite costly. ?50-?80 here in the UK and you have 2 appointments a week over 8 weeks. You can normally buy them as an 4 week or 8 week course. You would expect to see results after just 2 weeks improving over time with each treatment. I have seen some fantastic results with lose skin and intend to go down this rout after my baby is born in February 07. A much better option than surgery.

Just a word of warning so you don't waste your money. Make sure you go to a reputable, experienced thereapist/nurse/Dr as it is a specialised treatment and will only work well if it is performed by a knowledgeable practitioner. Don't be afraid to ask for references and to see before and after pictures.

Good luck all. From the UK. Lollie