Looking for Uruboro/Snake Tattoo

Hi to all :slight_smile:
i’m looking for a stylized/tribal looking snake eating itself (know as uroboro) for a tatoo i want to place on my back…

Anyone can help :)?

thank you

Find a drawing style you like, wikipedia the Ouroboros and take it to a tattoo artist to draw up. For fucks sake, don’t download some crap off the net and get exactly that because you WILL regret it.

thank you for your advice :slight_smile: i’m just looking for some kind of “drawing i like” :wink:
i exactly know what I want… i just need somethink for my tatoo-artist that it’s nearer to what i want…

Go to a tattoo artist by you and find a guy who does good work. Most have websites and all have books inside showcasing their work. Find a guy who seems like he has an artistic style you can work with and talk to him. That’s what I have done and I feel the results are better than if you just pluck something off the shelf and bring it to them.

Many tattooists are artists in every sense of the word, if you come to them with a vision and then make them a part of it, they’ll get excited about it and help you come up with drawings and you’ll wind up with something a lot better than you anticipate.

My theory is, if you want to sport a pre-made design, just get a fucking tee-shirt. If you want artwork, start with an inspiration and build something from the ground up.

Fuckin right. Your tattoo should (for the most part) be unique to you, and you alone.

AFAIK, no one else has the same tattoos as me.

Luckily, you seem like you know what you’re doing.

There is a picture of the Ouroboros on wikipedia, just find another picture (google) of something (anything) with the artistic style you’re looking for.