Look Who I Found.

Escalating Density Training, Phase 2
by Charles Staley

“The sheer effectiveness and brutality of the EDT program does not come across in the written word. This is a TOTAL gym experience”

? Alwyn Cosgrove, CSCS, Director, Cosgrove F.A.S.T Systems, Newhall, California.

Looks like Alwyn has been around T-Nation before. Why the long wait before we heard more from this guy. I love his no BS approach, must be something to do with being Scottish.


Alwyn is definitely not new. I heard about him a while back. He also writes for Men’s Fitness and has worked with Ian King and Charles Staley in the past (from what I’ve read).

He has interesting thoughts, but I’m just not down with some of his training prescriptions/suggestions (too much high-rep stuff and a lot of “odd” exercises - seems better suited for those with major imbalances).