Long-Time Disciple of Ellington Darden

Dr. Darden’s methods and principles work! His success coaching many athletes and someone like me to maximum muscle and strength gains is well documented.

I came to Arthur Jones and Dr. Darden at the Nautilus Lake Helen, FL location in the mid-1970s to help regain my ability to walk after an automobile accident paralyzed me. There was no rehab facilities back then. I was carried in and walked out.

We’ve stayed in touch on and off over the years. I’m so grateful for this platform, his wisdom and his many publications.

W.G. Hobby


W.G. Hobby was a one-of-a-kind trainee. I have never seen a man more disciplined and devoted to proper strength training. He remains at the top of my all-time athletes and experiences.


Would be very interested to hear more about this.


Nice to see a tribute to an acknowledged authority in this game.

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Thank you, Dr. Darden. Your words mean a lot.
Have you ever or would you consider writing down your memory of my time rehabbing in Lake Helen?
My memory regarding the details is faint due to the TBI. Though I do vividly remember feeling small next to Casey Viator amongst others.
W.G. Hobby

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Yes, I’ll put together some details from your rehab months. What year did your father bring you into the Nautilus gym in Lake Helen?


Thank you. I believe it was 1975.