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Long Live the Fatherland!


Nope, not Hitler -- it's our wonderful neighbor to the south, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Just read that on CNN.

A beautiful quote from a wonderful human being.



Is there something wrong with that sentiment, in particular?


No, but if he says "Venezuela Erwacke! (sp?), then we'll know who he was in a former life.


Nothing worse than, "My America, right or wrong"


Interesting that he referred to his country in a masculine sense. Typically "motherland" or something similar is used.


"There you go again..."

If you hate America so much, why don't you find a better place. When you do, please tell us...........

....perhaps Vroom and Pookie can hook you up with accomodations up north. You would be soooooo much happier....


Haha. I know, I know. Questioning the government means I should move to Canada.

America is kind of the same thing I say about heaven: If its full of people like you, I'd rather not be there.


So move..............

It is not that you question, it is the way you speak about your country. I truly believe you really hate America. I truly believe that most liberals actually hate America -- you wish to change America into something of your own socialist making. This has been happening for over 40 years, and now that the tide has turned and the breaks are on, all the libs are swirming and squeeling.........

....it is actually fun to watch.....


If you haven't liked the direction that America has been going in for over 40 years, then why haven't you left already? You've obviously hated America for the last 40 years...right? At least that's the way it sounds from how you talk about it...


You know, it'd be great if you could show toward fellow human beings the same unconditional love you have for your country.


Maybe this was missed: Hitler always talked about 'the Fatherland'. This was a Nazi phrase, like their other famous one, "Community Before Self".

Hitler was actually one of the most unselfish humans to ever live. He forced a lot of other selves to be unselfish and die for their communities.

What a wonderful human being.

The greatest evil ever perpetrated was confusing people into believing that unselfishness is good. More evil has been done under the guise of benevolence than any other doctrine. More murders have been committed in the name of the Fatherland, the Proletariat, the People than we can imagine. All for the 'good of the community'....

Pure evil.


No, it wasn't missed. But I repeat: so what?

Using "fatherland" instead of "motherland" is incidental. The Romans basically said "fatherland," and I believe that's the formulation in French (patr- is related to pater-).

Is there something wrong with saying "My America, right or wrong?" The sentiment doesn't mean unquestioning obedience, but rather loyalty. If your father or mother were to commit a crime, that doesn't mean you should stop loving them, right? Or do you only stick with a winning team?

People say "God bless America," as well. What's wrong with that?


Fatherland is not a nazi phrase, that is just ordinary german. Means Motherland, more or less...

Maybe in spanish it is also Fatherland instead of Motherland, who knows...

I do however agree with you that whenever people appeal to a higher power to make me do something, fatherland, society, God, they are usually trying to force some shit down my throat and are by far too sure that they are right...


Exactly. Is there any point to this thread at all?


You guys are assuming a level of literacy on the part of this man who's basically a thug. Perhaps I read too much into his statement as well; it just struck me as reminicent of Der Fuhrer's speeches.


I don't think anyone is assuming any level of literacy on his part at all. If he's using the spanish word 'patria,' that's normal... no special reference to Hitler, or anyone else, required.


Long live the homeland!


By the way, which such attempts at characterizing this leader, when can we expect the invasion?


I was intentionally avoiding that one...


Just consult the US shitlist:

[x] Iraq
[ ] Iran
[ ] North Korea
[ ] Syria
[ ] Venezuela
[ ] Canada

My guess is Chavez will retire comfortably before he ever sees a G.I. in his living room.