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Living at Home and Planning Meals


I'm currently planning on setting up a diet to get me from 200 to 225lbs @ 5"10, and bring my strength up.

I was thinking tons of oats, eggs, whole wheat pasta, ground beef, fish, chicken, tuna tins, brown rice, beans, broccoli, spinach, whey etc. And I want to make say 15-25 tupperware meals on a sunday, which will alst me during the work week and i can just bring 3 containers to work and stop buying stuff at work and mix and matching crap and improvising and not getting a stready flow of food. I'll be paying for it myself.

the problem is that my parents are going to ask "how come you didn't make us meals?" "why not just make us supper and have meals" etc. I have no problem helping out with supper and eating that meal with them, but they need to understand i need such a raw amount of calories that im going to have to have my own food in the fridge downstairs as well. This isn't going over too well, it's basically eat with them, and have maybe 1 leftover for the next day, or make 4 times as much food for everyone.

I really can understand the whole MY FOOD NOT SHARING mentality of some people here, people who don't lift or train think it's selfish, but when people ask me to share/ make for them too i see it as toxic behavior and sabotage.

How can I accomplish my diet AND contribute to my family without friction?


I live at home..get everything ready like 3 pounds of chicken all cut up veggies in the steamer and my mother especially gets all pissy when I dont wana make enough for everyone..when they dont want to eat what im making!

Its bad enough that my mother is one of those people who says.. I wana go on a diet and we can eat all healthy things like rice and potatoes and weight watchers ice cream oh and btw wana make that cake mix in the cabinet im hungry.Yesterday my mother was searching the oprah website for diet information.


Tell them you are willing to make them all meals if they pay for the food. If this is the case, then you need to suck it up and make them food too.


Just make sure that whatever you prepare is so dry and tasteless that no one else would even contemplate consuming it. Or...

Explain to them your goals and just how many calories it requires to meet said goals. Perhaps you could compromise and prepare dinner for them provided that they don't each from your tupperware containers. Also, while you're under your parents' roof, you are kind of subject to their rules, whether you like it or not, so you might just find yourself preparing four times as much food as you'd like.


Sucks for you guys. I have no problem with that since i am living at home right now with my parents. I make some pasta dish with canned meats and they can't stand the smell of it so they would never want it.