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Lifting After Ostomy Reversal

I’ve spent the past year plus a couple months getting treated for cancer. In February I had surgery to remove my cancery parts which included a temporary ileostomy. Ostomy reversal was performed at the end of September. I was told no lifting anything over 15 lbs for six weeks, but my concern is more of the longer term effects. I’d like to get back to lifting as soon as possible as I hate feeling so skinny and weak, just seeking more opinions on if I should be concerned about increased injury risks such as hernias and if any particular movements would pose higher risks.

Congrats on hitting such an important milestone in your treatment. The short answer is yes, activities like weightlifting carry a risk of incisional hernia. Doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be “skinny and weak,” however. Is your surgeon aware of your desire to lift heavy?

I have a follow up appointment with my surgeon this week where I intend to ask him questions about this. Great surgeon, but not sure how much experience he has with weight lifters. I probably should’ve also stated in the op that I’m an otherwise healthy 35 year old male.