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Learning to Like Foods

Above quote is from Shugs’ post on his blog today. It applies exactly to me as well, with one further caveat - if I force it down anyway, I throw it back up . This obviously is not something I want to be living with, so I’ve tried various bits and pieces to get around, not with much success.

Has anybody got any ideas? I live in Spain, so most of the products and Veggies-In-Powder products aren’t available here. Plus, bluntly, I want to LIKE veggies and salmon. I conquered tuna, after 32 years of hating fish, but that was more luck, since it doesn’t taste like fish.

I’ll be doing the Velocity Diet in June, since I’ll be swinging through the states in May and will be able to get hold of the requisite supplements to make it work. Until then, any suggestions would be appreciate.

You can’t eat vegetables without throwing up? That sounds like a mental condition. What do you usually eat that vegetables cause this reaction in you? There are no recommendations other than “get over it”. That really doesn’t make much sense. We have all gone through period where it takes a while for our bodies to get adjusted to higher food intakes, but to vomit because of eating carrots? What kinds of foods have you been eating all your life? This is ALL vegetables?

Hell - just put a clothes pin on your nose and munch away. Or maybe one of those hoochie-doos that you wear in the swimming pool to keep water out of your nose.

Taste is mainly smell mixed with salty, sour, bitter, and sweet.

But I agree with the professor - you got some serious mental blocks wrt to food.

I actually had this problem growing up. I found vegetables so disgusting that choking them down would make me nauscious. Its at least part mental, as Professor X alluded to.

However, though I gradually accepted the occasional bit into my diet, it was not until about a year and a half ago, when I did a low-carb diet for a first time that my tastes really started changing. I knew vegetables and fruit and good things in them so, I started trying some. At first they were a bit unappealing, yet nowhere near nauseua inducing as in the past. However, as the diet progressed, and as I ate more, I found them more and more appealing.

My advice is, don’t worry about it for now(you’ve lived with this problem this long, another couple months won’t kill you) and then after the VD, start giving vegetables another shot. Start with ones you can stomach the most, and keep at it until you start at least enjoying some.

My favorite is where Shug’s says his wife doesn’t like the “texture” of corn. Corn? Everyone likes corn. I wonder if people get like this because they don’t eat enough vegetables when they are kids.

With all due respect, I already had figured out it was mental. I know that I don’t like veggies, they make me sick just thinking about them. I can get over just about anything, especially if there’s a bet involved or I’m pissed, but I remember broccoli making a rapid exit 2 seconds after I ate it trying to prove a point.

It’s 100% mental. For me, that’s like saying “Well, 500 lbs is heavy, just lift it”. It doesn’t give me a chink in the armour to worry at.

I’m pinning some hopes on the V-Diet. I have a friend who’s vegetarian, I’ll see if she has any ideas on how to make them taste better. I figure if I’m eating them, even if not in the healthiest manner possible, it’s better than nothing. I also try and bury them in chilis and curries; that’s what hot spices are for - to cover up the yuck taste. But I’d love to be able to sit down to steamed broccoli and munch raw carrots all day, it seems to be a serious advantage for dieting in general.

BTW, last year I decided to expand my fruit selection by trying a few new things. Instead, I found out that I’m now occasionally allergic to apples (wasn’t two years ago) and other fruits. Washing doesn’t help. Since it’s only about 2% and not that serious a reaction, I ain’t stopping. But it’s really irritating. I seem to be getting worse on diet as I get older, not better.

[quote]Moon Knight wrote:
… I started trying some. At first they were a bit unappealing, yet nowhere near nauseua inducing as in the past. However, as the diet progressed, and as I ate more, I found them more and more appealing.[/quote]

This, however, gives me great cause for hope!