Layer System Help

FHi I’m looking for some suggestions and advice from some experienced lifters, after recently losing a lot of strength,over 10kg in weight and found out today that my testosterone is completely shut down due to illness.

Test: 3.9 (6.0- 28.0)
SHBG: 55 (15-50)
Free Test: 50 (200-600)

The goal now is to regain some strength, size and basically start from scratch
I have ran with wendler 5/3/1 templates in the past and for a change have been looking at either 4 - 5 day split using the layer system

I Know that taking a break would be the best option, stepping away from training right now is not on the cards for me as I suffer from PTSD so focusing on training Is a form of therapy for me
How would you recommend programming a layering 4 day split also should i incorporate any accessory work
so far this what I am looking at

Day 1: Bench /Lat work
Day 2: Squat / core
Day 3: Off – light conditioning
Day 4: Incline bench
Day 5: Off – conditioning
Day 6: Snatch grip high pull / biceps / core
Day 7: active recovery

Layer 1: 4 x 6 seconds, max effort isolation
Layer 2: Ramp to 2RM
Layer 3: Cluster sets, 3 x 4-6 reps @ 90%
Layer 4: 3 x 6-8 slow eccentric reps @ 70%
Layer 5: 1-2 x AMRAP mid range reps

Layers 4 – 5 on snatch grip high pull day done with kirk shrugs

Looks fine, take out the cluster sets layer for couple days if PTSD flares up -can be a bit of a hit on the nervous system. Program will work well regardless

Cheers for the help

any suggestions on programming a dead lift day in here

Deads and squats are too much together in layer system. You could swap deads for squats for a few weeks if you want. Be careful with form.

Correct. Personally I would not do the deadlift with layers. If you want to train the deadlift in the week, do it for strength-skill… 6-8 sets of 3 reps with 80% focusing on perfect form, tension and dominating the weight. This is, of course, not done on the same day as squats