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Layer 1 RM


Hello CT: Big fan of your work here on TN. Just started the layer program last week and have a question about the ramp to 1 RM. On my 2nd bench workout, the clusters and HDL improved dramatically from 1st workout, my question is should one try to improve the ramp to 1RM each session, or use a baseline max for a period of time?

Next question is how long to stay on the program before changing methods (Ramp to max, 90% clusters, 80% extended sets)? I'm 45 years old, training for general strength improvement.
If this has already been addressed, my apologies - just please point me in the right direction.


You base the cluster and HDL weight on the result achieved in the ramp that day.

Most people can stick with the original layout for 4-6 weeks.


Thanks CT. What type of program change do you recommend after the 4-6 weeks, to continue strength progress?