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Lateral Pelvic Tilt


seeing as how i never stretch, this annoying problem crept up on me. i've been told the muscles of my lower back are too stiff and keep pulling my pelvis out of place.

what would be the best exercises to correct this?


Give us a bit more info. Who told you this? Do you notice it? Where are they pulling your pelvis? Is is painful in certain planes of movement?


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my physical therapist told me this while i was still seeing him, or at least that's how i understood it.

i never feel any pain from this but there is that feeling on my lower back left side that something is off. it is subtle as if a bone is poking where it shouldn't. it's the best way i can describe it.

when i was seeing my PT he'd always check the difference in leg length and there always was a discrepancy. so after using an ultrasound machine to relax my back muscles he'd pop my pelvis back into place. knowing it wouldn't stay in place for long, he recommended some exercises but i couldn't understand how these particular exercises would help me and so i didn't perform them regularly.

assuming my "fibrous glute med and contralateral QL" are tight, what should i do?


reduce the percieved threat to your nervous system such that you're getting choked up: start a humble mobility program. and if you really want to get happy, if you're around boston, go see z-health master trainer

Shamsul Emrich,
Boston, MA
United States

here's why



Hey dude, I had to deal with this too after I got out of my cast. If you're around Bay State at a particular time I can show you what helped me... basically soft tissue work and mobility work.


so you sought out the help of a professional who recommended you perform some exercises and you ignored the advice of someone with much more knowledge on this topic than you have.

now you come on here and want others to help you???

why not go do the exercises like you should have done in the first place. Follow the recommendations of your PT for a few months. If you are then still having problems come back after YOU HAVE ACTUALLY WORKED AT CORRECTING WHAT IS WRONG and seek additional help.

until you do that you should stop wasting people's time on here


ouch ZYL281

thanks for the suggestions everyone.


I completely agree with what ZYL281 said. You have already been given what seems like sound advice from a professional who was able to physically assess you and you completely ignored it. Why should somebody else take the time when you have already demonstrated a lack of respect for advice given? Also, IMO, any advice given by a qualified professional who can physically assess you will be much better than anything that could be given over the "interwebz".


Well i don't entirely agree with the "you didn't follow your pro's advice and now you're here for help"

Here's why
Przeminashell says he didn't see how what was being described would help, so he didn't do them and is asking for a second opinion.

Optimally, an approach would be to call up the pt and ask these questions: how/why are these things going to help me? here's what doesn't make sense.

And then procede from there.

For some of us understanding, building a mental model of practice is important. Of course, to get that, one has to ask the questions, but i think most of us know that we don't always feel at our most confident asking folks about what they mean, etc, when they're treating us.

In my experience, an awful lot of PT's take the site of a problem as the source of the problem. The opportunity here to point someone towards a potentially different point of view that may be better is a pretty happy thing. I'd say again: if you can get into boston, see shamsul.



Very level-headed mc. I'd like to add that being a professional alone does not give a person any credibility. Plenty of people really suck at their jobs. The physical professions are not sacred.


I agree with you mc and grettiron that not all PTs or any professional for that matter are guaranteed to have any credibility, trust me I have met plenty. I don't know the OP or his PT, but from the sounds of things, the PT was at least on the right track (diagnosed a LLD, help with some manual manipulation to fix a structural issue, and then prescribed active exercises to re-train the body to hold those positions).

I understand a person has the right to question what is being prescribed and completely agree with a person wanting a second opinion if they are unsure, but the OP didn't really ask for just a 2nd opinion. He just disregarded the advice and exercises given by the PT without at least trying it out.

Also, now re-reading my first post, I can see how it came off as aggressive or downgrading, which I apologize to the OP for. This has taught me it is probably not best to reply to posts when overworked and sleep deprived. My purpose was to point out to the OP that the attitude of which he took towards his initial PTs advice was poor.

Probably would have been better to ask the OP why he felt the exercises were not going to help and what those exercises were first and then make an opinion. So if you do read this OP, can you give us some more info as to what exercises were performed and why you felt they would not benefit you?


and as said we don't always feel comfy doing that at the time = that's cool - so a phone call or email is totally appropriate - make a time for a quick follow up chat to make sure s/he can go over them with the OP to make sense.

A good practitioner will understand and take the time - but do remember since it's outside the session it is extra time from them after the fact.



yes, all professionals are not perfect but from the sound of the post it seems that he just right off the bat disregarded the PT's suggestions.

My question would be, when you were unsure of the treatment suggestions did you ask the PT to explain his reasoning or do your own research??? or did you blindly disregard?

but really, did you think that the PTs suggestions were going to mess you up more?? Doubtful, you should have at least made an effort to help yourself


Can you share with us what are those exercises?
The fact that you can't understand the rational behind those exercises doesn't mean they are worthless. How about to ask your PT for some additionnal explanation?


i think the op has now been encouraged four times to check with his PT for clarification.