LA T-Nation? or T-Cell?

So, there are a lot of knowledgable lifters in the LA area. Is it possible that we might want to get together and hash some routines out. Maybe find out about some new gyms or methods??

yea I know there is me, 3xKrazy, Mike Mahler, and a few others…I tihnk there are a couple females too…

we’re going to start a cell before, but it kinda fell through…

That’s why I am posting up. Mike Mahler said that the last one feel through. Question is… Why? If we need somewhere to meet? I’ll take of it. If we need food? I’ll pay for dinner. No interest? I will come over to your house and beat the living hell out of your dog.

Or not. Either way, I can’t imagine people not wanting to talk to some weight room geniuses for at least an hour or so some Sat.

I will be happy to meet with the group if I am in town. Just let me know in advance.

Mike Mahler