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Krav Maga & Lifting Training Log

I’ve been using this site for the past two years or so to help with general lifting and nutrition information, and I’ve decided to start a training log to help keep track of my progress and gain the insight of others who are more experienced. A little background information:

29 years old, 5’11, 160 lbs, 11%BF or less (not sure).

I eat rather clean, but do not have enough money to eat as many calories as I should (and I would rather eat less calories organic than more calories not).

Have been lifting consistently for 7 months (2 times a week), training in Krav Maga 4 months (2 times a week), and an MMA conditioning course for 2 months (1 time a week).

I have a 2 year old son, have been married for almost 5 years, and I am half way through my second masters (so I am really pressed for time). Being in shape through lifting and Krav Maga is a hobby, but not the most important thing in my life, although I enjoy it immensely.

I have low testosterone and ZMA has helped significantly helped with it. I could go on medicine through my doctor, but my wife and I are still trying to have more children, so I am gong to hold off on medication.

I plan on updating five days a week when I lift or train on my workout, how I feel in general, and any pertinent nutritional information. (Again, to help me keep track of what I do.)

Any advice, especially on lifting routines, would be most appreciated.

Cool man. I’m looking forward to it. I had looked into Krav before I started boxing but they wanted like 175 a month for it. that was the end of that story.

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
Cool man. I’m looking forward to it. I had looked into Krav before I started boxing but they wanted like 175 a month for it. that was the end of that story.[/quote]

Thanks for following (I have also been following your most recent training log). I’ve always wanted to do some type of MMA or combat sport, but I’ve always been so busy with work and life. When this new gym opened up this past December, I had a choice to do BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, or Krav Maga, and Krav seemed the most practical. Also, because I was the first person to sign up at the new gym and could only make it two of the three days a week, I only have to pay a third of what they were asking from you.

So I fell outside a few hours ago on the back of my right knee and got a nice hole in it from a metal rod. The back of my knee feels very strained, so Krav Maga is out for tonight. I kept going back and forth if I should just push through it, but I rather miss one class and train hard the next, then train hard and hurt myself more and be out for longer. Hopefully I’ll feel better after rest tonight so I can squat tomorrow. If not, maybe I can still lift upper body.

Doesn’t look that bad, but the strain on my leg hurts.

Get a tetanus shot?

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
Get a tetanus shot?[/quote]

Yea, I’ll be going to the doctors/ER today since I can not bend my knee now or place pressure on it (and get a tetanus shot if need be). It sucks when you really start getting into shape and feeling great and something like this happens. I just hope I’m not off for too long.

Tetanus shot, anti-inflamatory pill, and an antibiotic. No working out until Monday, so one week off. Supposedly nothing wrong with the knee but soreness. Hopefully this is the case.

Feel well enough to train in Krav tomorrow night. Today is the first day that I am not limping at all. Haven’t worked out all week except for Thursday and Saturday night with the 100 push up challenge in 4 minutes right before bed. Thursday I hit 85, and Saturday I hit 90. Looking forward to doing this three times a week. Rooney’s second article on Training Like a Man was helpful, and I’m looking forward to implementing more of his strategies.

4/18/11 - 7:30-8:30pm Krav Maga

*Jogging warm up and stretching.
*120 Push Ups and Leg Lifts (alternating each with no rest, either sets of 10 or 20)

*Pad Work (20 side hammer firsts each hand, 10 overhead hammer fists each hand)
*Pad Work (2 minutes jab, cross, hook, round house kick)
*Pad Work (1 minute maximum intensity jab/cross followed by 30 seconds round house kicks)

*Motivational talk about using everything around you as a weapon and fighting as if in a war.

*Ground Work (Triangle choke from the bottom and top.)
*Ground Work (reverse to arm bar)
*Ground Work (omoplata)

*Finisher (20 air squats)

*At Home (87 push ups in 4 minutes)

*Right knee hurt a little, but used left leg for kicking instead. Moderately intense work out. School is closed Thursday to Sunday, so I’ll lift weights Wednesday, Friday, and conditioning on Saturday.

4/20/11 - 6:15am-7:15am

Warm up with 5 minutes rowing and mobility work/stretching.

*One rep max bench (185lb) - Have never done this before, and don’t typically do bench because I work out alone, but tried to see what my one rep max was so that I can apply some of Martin Rooney’s programs.

Deadlift - 315x4, 275x6, 275x6 (finally met a goal of (almost) twice my body weight in deadlift)

Incline Dumbell Bench - 55lbx8, x8, x7 (going up to 60s next time)

Chin Up - 10lbx8, x5, x3

Dips - 35lbx8, x8, x8 (going up to 45lb next time)

One Arm Floor Press w/ Rotation - 35lbx7, x7, x7 (http://www.T-Nation.com/strength-training-topics/603)

Ab Wheel 10x3

*1 minute break between sets and 3 minutes between exercises (2 minute rest from 1st to 2nd set of deadlift

4/22/11 - 2pm-3pm

Foam rolling at home and warm up of rowing and stretching.

Squat - 185x8, 205x8, 235x4 (check form at 235 since PR)
One Arm DB Rows - 45x8, 50x8, 50x8 (move up to 45,50,55)
Shoulder Shock - 25/10x8, 8, 8
Barbell Shrugs - 185x8, 8, 8
One Arm Floor Press w/ Rotation - 35x7, 7, 7

Side Plank - 1 minute each side x2
Ab Wheel - 3x15 (30 sec. rest)

1 minute break between sets and 3 minutes between exercises


Warm up through stretching and 10 laps at the gym.

Max push ups in 1 min = 65
Max Sit Ups in 1 min = 54
Max Air Squats in 1 min = 70

15 minutes of review work (choke defense, hook defense, etc.)

15 minutes ground work (kimura, rear naked, etc.)

3 rounds of 2 minutes of rolling (I have never done with before and it was crazy tiring. I weight 160 and the first and last guy I went against were 225 and killed me, although the first guy taught me a lot about keeping in close and not tiring myself out. The third guy I went against was a teenage a lot lighter than myself and I took it easy on him and we learned a lot.


Stretching and jumping jacks for 3 minutes.

1 minute left jab max effort (30 sec rest)
1 minute right cross max effort (30 sec rest)
1 minute left jab/right cross max effort (30 sec rest)

Review of 7 elbows of Krav Maga.
Working in groups of four to practice first 4 elbows.

Working with a partner practicing all 7 elbows staged 1 through 7 and then randomly.

1 minute hold leg lift, 15 sec max effort right elbow to bag, 15 sec max effort left elbow to bag

The pad work was very difficult the last 15 sec, and I could barely keep my arms up by the end and when holding pads for my partner after I went. Everything else was easier and I worked with high school kids that needed some prompting and seemed to make improvements quickly, which is always fun to see.

So it’s been over a year since I began this hopeful thread of my Krav Maga and lifting experience. This will be my last entry. I little info on my past year.

The summer 2011 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, had immediate surgery, and began recover.

In the fall of 2011, just when I recovered, I had a serious injury to my right knee which required immediate surgery and 2 months of high dose antibiotics because of a serious infection. Recover took much longer than the cancer.

I have just started working out again (about 3 weeks now) full swing and can not afford the Krav Maga classes. I also have low T most likely associated with the cancer, and I am beginning my TRT journey. This TRT journey will be my new thread once see the doctor in an hour or two.