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King of the Hill Bodybuilding Ep.


I saw this yesterday on adult swim and thought i should share it with you guys.


Hilarious. I've watched that show for years and never saw that one.


yeah i just watched that one last night. macho man randy savage gave me a damn good laugh.


9:09 best part


"I'm right here, brother, and I think you're looking yoked."



I watched it a few days ago and new it was appear up on here. It's fucking hilarious.


The Bill-centric episodes are funny. This one was funny as hell....popping veins...and Bill starts to turn into a dick. Slight message there.


I love King of the Hill, but a lot of the times the characters are really inconsistent, i.e the episode where Bobby meets khanis friend and they start going out and she has the cool parents and Hank is really uptight about everything and then when Peggy has a prostitue friend he becomes a pimp and is all badass. Still a great show!


I love that episode. I used one of those stationery bikes with a TV on it the other day and this episode happened to be on, it was perfect.

"They're just jealous of my extreme shred!"


Well, it's not like Hank was happy about it, I mean, he was still "Hank".


I enjoyed it, cheers!


Old episode, one of my favorites.

Only the episodes with cotton dying etc are better.

"Swell your thick". Its genius.


" Oh yeh brother, look at my mighty swole" I believe was said in the episode.
Saw it on adult swim a few nights ago.


Funny stuff. Thanks for posting it.


LOL at the two gay guys on the treadmill.


King of the Hill is the only second best. We all know Mike Judge's first cartoon creation, Beavis and Butt-head, was the greatest. What a comedic genius.


Saw it again on adult swim and thought it would be good to bump "There just jealous, of my pump!".


Anyone see the one where bill goes back to high school to reclaim his old football record? Genius.



Yeah I thought it was hilarious it portrays bodybuilders in such a derogatory way though that it's kind of worrying.The garage gym at the start was quite literally like something out of those planet fitness videos,even from what they were saying.Like stuff to the extent of 'Oh,it's so nice to have a place to work out without feeling intimidated'.

Sound familiar?


Lol Ive seen the episode before. I dont like king of the Hill that much mostly because Peggy is an annoying bitch and ruined it for me all the time lol. Hank is cool because he sells Propane and Propane accessories