Keeps Asking Me to Purchase Again

Hi there, I’ve been a T Nation+ member for about a week now, and the site keeps telling me to purchase a subscription. I can read a lot of the T Nation+ articles, but occasionally I’ll click on one and it’ll tell me I have to be a member. It’s like the website isn’t fully connecting my membership. Can someone help me out?

Thanks for being a T Nation+ subscriber, @TurtleTantrum!

Sorry about the trouble, but I’m looking into this now.

In the meantime, I think the first step would be to ensure that you are logged in a the time you are trying to access any T Nation+ content.

I realize that is very much like asking if the electronic device is plugged in, but I know a lot of us may use different browsers and devices to access T Nation throughout the day.

No worries, I do check and make sure I see my avatar indicating I’m logged in. :slight_smile: I’m actually in the IT industry. I’ve also cleared my cache and tried different web browsers.

Hmm. I can verify that your subscription looks good to go.

What happens if you refresh the page when you are unable to access a T Nation+ article? Have you been able to access an article at a later time that you were not able to access previously? Is there a specific article you’re having trouble with that you could link me to?


Sorry it’s not doing it now (of course). I’ll screenshot if it happens again.

Really appreciate how quick you guys were to respond :slight_smile: