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Kate Harding Redux


I know, I know, all things Kate Harding got old here long ago, especially since every attempt by anyone with opposing views (however rational) are automatically deleted as troll comments on her site.

However, (big grin) :smiley: I just saw her new book on a stand at the Powell's down my street, which advertised Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby as Powell's guest blogger of the week on the Powell's website, where their articles are currently being featured along with the book.

This means that she/they cannot censor the comments on the Powell's site, and the Powell's editors already shot her down the one time she tried to get a comment deleted.

I hope some of the T-Nationers that tried to write intelligent, thoughtful responses to her blog will do the same again in response to her articles. This time, you won't get deleted. And Kate herself has been responding to the criticisms.

This could get fun. Take advantage of it before the week's out!



Hey, you’re back!! I will have to check out this blog.


she’s right, fat people do have sex

and its gross.




Where have you been hiding Anj?