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Just Ordered Indigo-3G

Just ordered my first dose of Indigo 3G and a college athlete I was wondering what the recommended dose would be if it’d be the same or change up since I’m not a powerlifter or bodybuilding competitor that trains multiple times daily. I train once a day strength training and conditioning atmosphere. Just looking for a little more information from you!

I would stick with 6 caps for I3G as recommended but I can’t help you with the dosage of your college athlete (I wasn’t aware biotest was selling these but I am interested if female volleyball players are available).

Anyway, I’m just a normal dude that eats lots and lifts weights and I have followed the label to great success–as have many others with a variety of genetics/lifestyles.

Well I am a college football player, and I was thinking of dropping it to 4 a day since I only train 4 times a week. But I was wondering when I should take them too because I train at 6am. Any suggestions?

6 per day. It is not a product that is dependant on your level of activity. It requires 6 caps/day (at least for the first 6-8 weeks) to have full cellular effects. It functions by affecting the fat and muscle cells. It requires a certain minimal dose to have its effect.

@Christian_Thibaudeau when would you recommend I take them? I train at 6am. I was going to go off the bottle and take it before my evening meal since it’ll have most of my carbs.

Well ideally it would be first thing upon waking up. It has cellular effect for pretty much all day.

Got it, I don’t NEED to take it with a huge meal though correct? If I drink a shake during workout should be square?

What’s the rest of your nutrition like? I3G isn’t a miracle supplement. It requires good nutrition and since its job is to send nutrients to places you want and divert them from places you don’t want, you’ll get more noticeable results by eating a ton. Personally I would first spend money on 3 plazma scoops per workout and 4 mag-10 scoops per day and getting into a good cooking routine before getting I3G. It’s great stuff but you’re only going to get benefits once you have a strong foundation to expand on. Otherwise it’s a very expensive way to get good at counting to 6 and swallowing pills.

Its effects will last for the whole day. You have to understand what it does: it heals fat cells over time and improve your capacity to store nutrients in muscles instead of fat

I have good nutrition whether it’s ground turkey, chicken, red potatoes, and my carb sources are all pretty much clean and my veggie/fruit intake is high enough. I take muscle milk collegiate series so my foundation is made up quite well