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Just Finished First Cycle. When to Start HCG and Clomid?

Hey guys, new to these forums and new to a cycle, I just completed my 12 week cycle, today was my last shot.
Weeks 1-6 40mg turinabol ed
Weeks 1-12 1ml test enanthate Monday/thursday
Weeks 8-12 1ml masteron enanthate Monday/thursday

Just finished this today and I have hCg and clomid for a post cycle, just wondering when to start each and how much?



What is wrong with you Iron Yuppie. He did all the research about his cycle on his own. He lifted his own weights. He did his own diet.

You cant really expect him to research his own PCT. I mean honestly there is only so much you should expect from grown men.

EDIT: I am willing to bet a thousand dollars if I click on that magnifying glass which represents a search bar, then typed in PCT, I wouldn’t find anything in there.


Lmao , started my morning off good .

Now I’m all for helping but they are rite pal , just research it , then come back and post what ur plan is and have members tweak it if need be