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Jumping Rope

I am new to jumping rope and starting to get consistancy. I now do 10 rounds of 2 minutes each with a minute rest between.

What routines do you do? How often? How does jumping compare to other stuff?
Is Jumping pure cardio, HIT or what?

I perform “boxing rounds” of jump rope: 3min. with 1minute of rest in between. So, almost similar to you. 25-30 minutes, 2-3 days a week. However, that may change, next week it’s 3-straight nights of boxing. woo hoo!

Check out "Renegade Rope Training". I consider it jumping rope HIIT.

I meant: “I consider jumping rope, HIIT”. Take out that “it” in that line.


I love jumping rope, and as a former and sometimes boxer, I got pretty good at it. I use a weighted rope (5lbs) and the workout is intense. Lots of fun when you learn the many tricks(dbl jumps, crossovers,etc.etc.) I like to try to do as many jumps as possible untill I fuck up, say 120 jumps, rest about 1m 30 sec and try to outdo my previous. I do this untill I reach a designated # say 1000 reps or so. Many different ways to train with a jumprope, which always keeps the training interesting.

I do the 3 minute jump rope rounds as part of a circuit. After 3 min. rope, I do 3 minutes hitting the heavy bag, 1 min. of squat-thrusts (aka burpies), and 2 minutes of something else; farmers walk or wall sits or whatever I can think of. Repeat 3, 4, or 5x. Another tip: If you can play music while your jumping rope and you have rhythmn, you can make it more interesting by jumping to different beats in the music…it makes it go by faster.

Good ideas all over this thread, might have to use some of these, specially that 1000 count. I personally like 2min. rounds with 30sec. pushups, v-sits, DB swings, or burpies followed by 30sec. break. Jump rope is fun!!!

I recommend jumping rope as the #1 exercise for developing coordination and foot speed (outside of it’s obvious value for cardiovascular fitness, etc.). It’s my standard answer when fathers (or mothers) ask me what they should get their kids to do in preparation for ALL other sports.

I generally stick to 6 x 3 min rounds with 30 secs GPP then rest 30 secs but sometimes go to 5 x 4 mins or 4 x 5. As well as the renegade rope article check out www.renegadetraining.com/ code_jamie_hale.html