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Joint Supplements

T-Folk -

I was thinking about adding a “joint health” supplement to my regimen, and wondered what you all consider to be the best. I currently do not have any joint problems, but I like to lift heavy, so I would be taking it more as a preventative measure. I was thinking about a glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM combo, but I know that there has been a lot of talk about glucosamine lowering insulin sensitivity. Are you all still taking it, or have you all switched to something else? Any comments or recommendations would be appreciated.

My mom has joint problems and used the glucosamine/chondroitin with success; I recommended knox gelitin, which she tried and worked in her words “3-4 times better”. It is also very inexpensive.

How exactly does she use knox gelatin? Do you know roughly how much per day, and is she mixing it into other things? Thanks!

You can buy it in packets and can just add it to your protien drink. It will thicken up your shake. There are research studies that indicate that purified type II collagen significantly reduces swelling and joint pain. To my knowledge Purified type II collagen in not sold to the masses yet??? The next best thing is knox gelatin.

For YEARS my mom has had knees that literally give off a sounf that goes “CRUNCH CRUNCH” when walking (particularly down the stairs) and it was funny cause it telegraphed who it was. However a few years back I introduced glucosamine/chondroitin into my mom’s newmly created (by yours truely) supplement arsenal and it contributed mildly to the arthritis she suffers. However when I added MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) it made a substantial difference in not only reducing pain but the “crunch” sound went from rather audible to almost silent. Some people encounter stomach trouble with its usage but otherwise it’s completely safe and non-toxic (even at “high” dosage).

I have had problems with mild arthritis (rheumatoid; osteo is probably on the way) which pretty much disappear when I get plenty of omega 3 fats in my diet (salmon, flax and fish oil). And of course, there are many other benefits as well.

My dad has is bone on bone in both knees - has been for 30 years due to football injuries in the sports medicine DARK AGES of the 60’s and 70’s- though he still played alot of tennis and squated until a few years ago, much to my dismay and his obvious discomfort…he’s now in line for a dual knee replacement…thank GOD. I gradually convinced him to go on all of the things you cats have listed off…glucosamine - chondroiten - msm…but I did so one at a time, rather than taking a ‘shotgun’ approach so that he could gauge their efficacy for himself… glucosamine/chondroiten were first…and he was absolutely amazed…then MSM which made and even more significant difference…gelatin really did not add anything for him…though of course it may for others, my next step is to get him on EFA’s as they have such potent anti-inflamatory effects on all areas of the body. I’ve also used all of the products as well, as I had my ACL fully replaced last year - I think all of them, if taken in adequate dosages, should be of value to you, as they have diff mechanisms of action. The nice thing about MSM, is that it will also help with muscle soreness, and is a natural antihistimine…Good luck!

One more quick point - I caught a study that reevaluated the insulin resistant effects of glucosamine/chondroiten…and would gladly share it with you…but I’m away from my home pc at the moment, but I recall it stating that if taken in the recommended dosages of 1500-2000mg there was very nominal effect on insuling sensitivity…this also seems to be the minimum dosage that is effective for me in regards to joint pain – MSM seems to require a much higher dosage for pain relief and joint edification - than the bottles list…I’ve had great results with 4-6g /day as necessary.