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Jack Reacher Fans, Prepare to Cry


For those of you who are Jack Reacher fans, I bring you sad, sad news......Tom Cruise has been cast as Jack Reacher in the film adaptation of One Shot.

I have no words to describe my dismay at this stupidity.



What the fuck!!!


But... but Jack is a very tall man....

Oh well... as long as Tom does this character justice with good acting, great combat scenes and mind blowing stunts a la MI, I won't complain...


Who the fuck is Jack Reacher and why should I care?


Hollywood strikes again!


A more modern Travis Mcgee though not quite as iconic yet. Any actor cast as Reacher would have a tough time.


Who the fuck is Travis Mcgee and why should I care?


I hope you are joking and I am just a little dense. But one of the most iconic hero characters ever written. John D. Macdonald created him and the character and Macdonald's other work has been an influence on a laundry list of writers.

Where its relevant to the original post is that while things that Macdonald wrote like Cape Fear have been made into 2 successful movies, whenever casting came up for a Macgee film the arguments about the casting among fans was bitter.


Not joking at all and I still don't know who either Jack or Travis. Pics?


Gonna cheat ... for Mcgee

and for Reacher


Jack Reacher is 6'5, 250 and can break a man's neck with one hand. This is NOT Tom Cruise.

Oh well, not my problem.


There is always some fuckery when books are made into movies. While I'm not going to express outright dismay over this casting choice, I do hope he brings the spirit of Reacher to the screen.


I actually heard this a couple of weeks ago, but mentally blocked it.

I've been reading the Reacher books since 2002. They're great. They're basically a pot-boiler thriller but it's Reacher that makes it better. If he were just a plain cop or whatnot I wouldn't read them anymore, but when he does his typical Reacher kind of things it makes the books better.

I mean for those who don't know, he's a drifter since he left the army and doesn't carry anything except his folding toothbrush. He buys new clothes at outlet stores every few days and drinks coffee by the gallon and as he drifts onto a town he'll get himself in some sort of trouble with whoever is the bad guy in the town (corrupt sheriff or landowners...kind of like the bad guys you'd see in an A-Team or Knight Rider episode) he's smart enough but also solves problems with his fists a lot.

The silly thing about casting Tom Cruise is that he of course basically offends all the readers because he doesn't look anything like Reacher (who..the way he's described , would more likely be about 280lbs) but also it's not like it's the 90s anymore....you don't need to get Tom Cruise in a role just because you can. Many people would prefer some other actor instead of Tom Cruise for most anything, not just those that read the novels.


This has GOT TO BE the most fucked up thing I have heard this year. Are you fucking kidding me. So crazywood casts a 6'2" guy as Wolverine and a 5'5" guy as Reacher WTF.


And the first person to think Cruise's performance and look in Collateral is some sort of proof that he can play a tough guy like Reacher will answer to me and DJHT.




Horrible casting decision. Wonder how they are going to spin this.


Honestly I love movies and books, Nards actually informed me about Reacher last year and so I read all the books since then, what Nards like 13 or 14? In my head Reacher is Dolph Lundgren to the letter. How the fuck do you pitch this? I mean Cruise can act and do a decent action film, but he cant play a foot taller.


I know! Like I said, he's wrong for all the readers but also, not many people really like Tom Cruise anymore anyway...so you just don't need him if you want your movie to be a success.


I know Nards, just fucked up. I just dont know if I could watch this movie.