Is Mexican Vet Gear Any Good?

What’s the current view on Mexican veterinary steroids. Does Brovel still have a bad rep? Are Ttokkyo products still available? Are they real? What brands should a guy shop for? I’ve read good things about Denkal, what do you think? Any info would be appreciated.

I love Denkal T400, QV Test Suspension (clogs 25g pins, 23g o.k.), Sydgroup Cyp, Sydgroup EQ, and Sydgroup winny.

Always dilute the T400 with some other oil and never do more than 1cc at a time or you will suffer what you this is an abscess. If you don’t wait at least 4 days before reinjecting the same site with T400 you will suffer.

I do 0.75cc (300 mg) with my daily tren injections and rotate them over six sites and never have a problem. I love the stuff.

I think the Sydgroup and Denkal are every bit as good as American made Depo-Testosterone (cyp).

I always assumed sydgroup was an UG lab…ARe you sure they’re a legit lab out of mexico?


Quality Vet and Denkall make good products. I tried Pet’s Pharma Deca and it was good quality as well. Also Loeffler’s Reforvit is good.

Can’t comment on Brovel or the others, I don’t know anyone that ever buys those brands anymore, as there is no need to risk getting a bad product when you have better choices available.