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Is Lactose the Real Enemy?

My friend started using Calorie Count Down which is Lactose free milk. For his protein shakes…and loves it. Is lactose the only thing in milk that I need to be aware of? Cause I can’t find Calorie Count Down but I have found Lactaid which is also a lactose free milk! So my question is …if it’s LACTOSE free it’s OK to use?


Its all gonna depend on your goals.

What are you trying to do? Are you lactose intolerant? Are you cutting? Do you have any personal, negative reactions to lactose?

Its not gonna be a law to avoid or not to avoid lactose. You are going to have to base that decision based on your goals and your own experiences with foods which contain lactose.

Why you’re deciding to avoid lactose is important because most “lactose free” dairy products seem to be ordinary milk with lactase added.

Calorie Countdown is not lactose free last time I checked, just fewer carbs.