Is Glycine Making You Weaker?

Hi coach!

Quick question here. Since you talked about glycine on the Adapnation podcast I’ve been using it myself to help me calm down my nervous system and balance out my adrenergic activities (on a side note: I feel like it’s done an amazing job for my digestive system too, so big thank you there as well!). I’m taking 6 to 8 grams daily spread out over two protein shakes.

At first I just felt the benefits, but recently I feel like it’s making me weaker in my big lifts. I feel like it costs me much more effort to move the weights, even if it’s not even close to my PR. Is there perhaps any truth to this because of the inhibitory effects? If so, do you have any suggestions for adjustments? Lowering the dosage, timing of intake or perhaps going off it for a while?

If anyone else had this kind of experience with glycine, please share!!!

Take it post-workout and/or before bed

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