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Interesting Bench Technique

Is this heave IPF approved?

I have a feeling carryover would be pretty poor for anything other than a lightning fast press command.


If he paused it, it would pass. TD Davis benches like that too, and was competing in the IPF until recently. I think he has a WR too.

There is no rule against “heaving”. Should you get red lights if your arch collapses?

I was looking at that guys bench form yesterday too. I guess it could pass technically if it isn’t breaking any rules, but boy that’s an odd bench

I know some people refer to “heaving” as a secondary lowering of the weight after the press command, which there are rules against. Basically, you bring it down, pause, and then do a slight downward “pump” to bounce the weight a bit and make it less of a dead stop press. But if by heaving you mean just sinking the bar into your body before the press command is given, then I agree my understanding is that there are no rules against that.

Do the rules use the word “Chest”? He’s lowering that bar to his navel. I come down at the bottom of the pecs, but he almost hit his belt.

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Gotta have a very generous press command for that.

Yeah, if it’s like that then red lights for sure


The rules say you can’t let the bar touch your belt. A lot of equipped lifters touch low.

Lol I was thinking bench hip thrust combo “bench thrust” if you will…