Indigo Project Fat Loss Hypertrophy Substitute

Hello I was wondering what would be a decent substitute for prowler, I don’t have one available to use. Thanks

There isn’t anything that does exactly the same thing. But, in the past, the substitutes that I have used are:

  1. Stationary bike with very high resistance (the most resistance you can use without the movement being choppy). Done seated to avoid cheating by using your body weight to push the pedals down. 1 second for each meter of prowler pushing.

  2. Treadmill not turned on. When the treadmill is not turned on, the mat on which you walk on will actually provide a decent resistance. So grab the lateral posts of the treadmill (the two posts that hold the console), so you’ll be leaning forward much like when doing the prowler, and push the mat. Like with the bike, I like to do 1 second of pushing for each meter of prowler work.

  3. Resistance band bear crawl forward and back: attach a resistance band (Typically I use a 0.5 inch loop band) to an immovable post behind you (can be the post of a power rack, the weight storage three, etc.) and then step inside the loop so that you can put the band around your waist. Go down into a bear crawl position and walk forward until the band resistance is too high to keep going forward, at which point you slowly go backward to the starting position and then forward again. Again, 1 second for every meter of prowler work.

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Thanks for the response!

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