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Indigo-3G on an IF Protocol?


I'm wondering if it is possible to utilize Indigo-3G on an intermittent fasting protocol? I read that CT stopped doing his version of IF (pulse/feast) because he felt he didn't get the full benefit out of Indigo-3G..

I'm assuming it would still ellicit some positive effects?


Yeah it will work. You would also save money that way. Indigo is in your system for 4 hours (8-12 for gene expression) so you wouldn't want to overlap between doses. This is what Thib said in a recent spill about how he's doing it currently:

"Christian Thibaudeau: I know that I pulse 3 times a day (twice if I train twice) have a peri-workout protocol with each session and will have an eating period from 6 to 10. Don't ask me what I eat, I honestly do not stress over that either."

He stated in another spill, can't find it right now, that he takes two doses of I3G a day. One before peri-workout, one before his eating period of 6-10pm.


You want to run it for at least 6 weeks at full dose before you do any messing with it. It works very very well at full dose. Now that i have done my full 12 weeks i do an IF approach most days. Some days with a 8 or 10hr eating or somedays only 4. Some day i use 8 pills (2x4) some days i use 6 (1x6) and some days just 4.


I hypothesized that indigo with IF could work with just 2 doses of 4 pills during the 8 hour feeding window on the livespill.


How long have you been doing IF?


A good amount of time now...5-6 months? Something like that.


So you like it better than the traditional bb style of eating? Just curious, because the only thing i see you write about is IF related. Not sure if your doing it for a year no matter what, or it's something you have truly adapted as a way of eating.

If you were to go on Indigo-3G would there be anyway that you could taper off of IF first then eat all the time then when you get off Indigo-3G get back on IF? I haven't did much research on IF so I'm not sure of the restrictions.


I went from IF eating because i love it. Its fits my physcological profile perfectly. I went from that to full dose Indigo-3G for 12 weeks then back to an IF approach wiht some Indigo-3G depending on the day. WOrked perfectly. Indigo-3G makes you more hungry so it works very well doing the 3x4. NOt very hard at all.


I definitely just prefer it to the way I was eating before. I feel as though I've grown and remained (if not become a bit leaner). Since May, I've gained 15lbs..

I'm sure this can be done with a "normal" eating schedule, but I prefer IFing...way prefer it.


You feel Indigo-3G is necessary while following IF?


I don't feel that Indigo is necessary while following a normal eating schedule..It's definitely a luxury supplement in both regards IMO.


Ha... after spending a week in Mexico on business, it seems like every supplement is a "luxury" supplement. :slight_smile: