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Impossible is Nothing

This is my training log as the one I keep on my lap top is being neglected and I check this forum out often enough.
A brief “bio”.
Started strength training in 2010 for rugby. Would use Starting Strength in the off season to get in shape and then retain as much as possible whilst playing. Managed these numbers at 100kg body weight in march 2013:
120kg bench,
100kg press
180kg squat
200kg dead lift all for singles

Then in September 2013 i partially tore my rotator cuff in a game. It took my until January 6th 2017 to get it fixed. I had the op and stated strength training again on June 2nd. I used 3x5 LP on to following lifts at the given starters to get back into it. Body weight at the time 105kg
I started back on:
Work out A
Bent over row: 40kg
Squat: 100kg
Work out B
Decline bench 40kg
Pull up (3x as many reps as possible)
Trap bar dead lift; 120kg
Work out c
Front squat:30kg
Incline bench: 30kg
Dead lift: 120kg
All for 3x5 (aside from dead lifts - of course).

Fast forward December and I was
Bent over row: 85kg
Squat: 150kg
Work out B
Decline bench 100kg
Pull up 8,7,7
Trap bar dead lift; 165
Work out c
Front squat:90
Incline bench: 90kg
Dead lift: 165kg
all for 3x5 (dead lift excluded)

At this point recovery was hell. I would walk into the gym after the 2 days off feeling like hell. So I jumped ship before going too far down that rabbit hole. I went to another program.
I went the way of 5/3/1 for 2 reasons:
Its a flexible program. The core stays the same but you can choose your flavour.
The Ripptoe/Wendler training philosophy talks to me. I mean I get other coaches stuff works. But I like the simple pick up progressively heavier things and eat loads message. Sure its not “that” simple. But as a rank amateur I don’t need complicated.

So I started with these TM
Bench 102.5
Press 70
Squat 155
Deadlift 170

I will not detail every workout since - but its been going well. I’ve just started on cycle 3 (done squat and dead lift). And loving it. I do the Triumvirate lower body and BBB upper body.
Current TM’s (and last know weights and PR’s)
Bench TM110 - (end of cycle 2 I got 5 at 102.5 - a bad day at the office - the week before I managed 9 at 97.5kg)
Press TM 72.5 - (end of cycle 2 I got 5 at 67.5 - struggling with the press the most)
Squat TM167.5 - (start of cycle 3 I got 10 at 142.5 and felt strong)
Deadlift TM 180 - (start of cycle 3 I got 12 at 152.5 and felt epic)

I now weight 115kg. I’m bigger. Like stupidly bigger. I have pecs and 15 1/2 inch arms no lie.
But I’m thinking about cutting for a while. The only thing stopping me is a power lifting comp I’m entered into in April and my desire for a 600kg total.
I’m a way off that at the moment at a combined 530kg. But I’m working hard and I’m still seeing weekly gains.

So that’s where I am now.

Last 2 work outs (week one cycle 3)
After posting about a change in work on Tnation I was told by Jim to run squat and dead lift on consecutive days and “your body will adjust”. Both scared and pleased with this. I do like to push it. Normal is boring.

20/01/18 Squat
110x5, 125x5, 142.5x10 - better form upright through out. constant tension.
5x10 sits ups with 10kg plate - blegh
5x10 leg press with 140kg - blegh
Happy with the deload - I’ve come back much stronger. God know how/why but I like it

21/01/18 deadlift
117.5x5, 135x5, 152.5x12. Good form I think. Having to take some recovery breaths in between reps. Not sure if this counts. But i think its a signal to start running/rowing
Leg raises on bench 3x12
back hypers 5x10 +30kg
Great work out but felt the squat and deadlift back to back days. My lower back was not happy. But I got a massage and i was fine. I think Sunday nights are going to be my fav.


Nice log.
I’m in for this, love 531.
As you say, simple and easy to change the suplemental and assistance.
I think at least your squat and DL will go up guick. The presses are a bit stubborn for many.
And I read your question about the Squat and DL, and saw the answer… Holy S*** I said to my self.
I’m kind of old, don’t think i would survive that treat.
Good luck with the lifting and the 600 kg goal

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Yeah officially no one on tnation can “hate Monday’s” except me now.

Yesterday’s recovery was hard. ate well but felt dehydrated all day. Even though I got 1lt down me early doors. Bed early last night. Got 7 1/2 hours sleep both nights.
Another shirt not fitting. My back is getting too big. Need more clothes.
Thinking about Sunday. I’m happy it was my quads and not my back that gave up. My quads were used more Saturday. So had I separated my lifts by a day or two I might have done more. Bench tonight so I’ll check back in. Got a lot to prove after last times 5rep blow out. But I’d had a crap day at work and was not in the right head space. Tonight is a return to form.

Dude - screw the gym. Was so freaking busy. Could not do my work out. So just done a mish match.
It took me 30 mins to get on anything.
Could not get on the bench or power rack. Line was 4 groups deep.

Dip - 8
Dip - 8
Dip - 5 +5
Dip - 10 +10

Row machine
50kg - 10
70kg - 5x10

Bench finally came free.
Weak - but dips took it out of me.

Bent over row
5x10 at 60

Had “bad news” at the medical and a levelling of truth hammer by @flipcollar has changed my focus. Time to cut. I estimate I have upto 40kg of fat on me. I can ship half of that. Just got to put the strength gains on hold. One thing at a time.

So as part of the weight lose thing I’ve made my diet plan. Its not pretty but its going to be simple. I can do this 6 days a week and eat more normal the last day. But I mustn’t be a 6 day a week warrior. But I can ease of once a week for the sake of family.
The base line for the diet was this artical is this:

1g per lb of body weight i hardest. But as it says - .8 is fine.
I can;t see eating 14xbw is going to help me lose weight. That’s 3500 cals.
So I’m aiming for 2400 cals.
Eating plan is:

Daily targets Grams of Pro Fat Carb
250 53.33333333 230
cals 2400 1000 480 920
Breakfast Cals Pro Fat Carb
6 eggs 372 35.4 25.2 0
Banana 154 1.8 0.5 34.8
526 37.2 25.7 34.8
Cals Pro Fat Carb
Chicken breast (300g) 318 72 3.3 0
Mash potatoe (500g) 412 9 0.3 87.6
Splash of milk 32 1.6 1.8 2.35
730 81 3.6 87.6
Cals Pro Fat Carb
Mince (1/2lb) 15% fat 473.385 44.6205 32.8425 0
sweet pot (300g) 294 3.6 0.9 63.9
Pasata 54 3.1 0.5 7.9
821.385 51.3205 34.2425 71.8
Cals Pro Fat Carb
Bar 262 30 6.3 24
Cals Pro Fat Carb
total 2339.385 199.5205 69.8425 218.2

This leaves me some spare cals around work out times to take on some extra food for fuel.

So after a crap training session and some needed truth hammer I came up the vomit above. Trying to gimmick my way out of trouble.
New action. Two days of simply not stuffing my face have been “nice”. Hungry a bit, but that’s the point. Eating 6 eggs and toast for breakfast, lunch is simply clean with a protein source like chicken and or other meat and dinner is reasonable with big protein source. If I feel mega hungry I eat banana or fruit and drink a pint of water.

Gonna leave this as is for two weeks and reweigh. If no loss I’ll start a more regimented diet.

Gonna tap up a pro for training advice. Gonna stop 5/3/1 potentially.
I get the feeling doing 8-12reps at 70% will be harder than 3x3 at 85%. And at 5/3/1 I’m into double digits.
Both will give me the desired effect.
So with this in mind a simple ABA BAB full body.
Squat and press
Dead lift and bench

Assistance 1 each. TBC on the night.

Optional finished for each are dumbbell farmers walking up stairs at the gym.

I’ll see how recovery goes. Might have to train once every three days. Train, rest, rest. Train rest, test.
Progression is 3 forward, 1 off, 2 back.
Eg, 100; 102.5; 105; off; 102.5; 105; 110 etc. If I stall I stall. The goal is retention. Not advancement.
@flipcollar thumbs up or down if I may be so bold?

which part? lol. you said lots of things.

Over all. Does the over all logic look “sound”? Nothing leaves you thinking - thats stupid!

So I went and changed programs.

60x3 x3

150x3 x3

Didn’t feel too bad, the diet did not sap me too much which was the plan. Some pain in my shoulder after weighted dips. But I’ll not do these too often.
Gonna wait until Sunday for the next weights work out. I’ll do some sprints tomorrow maybe,

Me at a podgy 114kg.

Thought I’d add these so I can track progress.

Diet today was good.

6 eggs and toast
60g cashews
100g pasta 2 pork lions and 100g of chicken
Dinner was 1 1/2 chicken breast and cous cous and veg.

Following your log, love 5/3/1 and wish you the best of luck training for your comp in April! Where did you get 530kg for a total tho? From what you wrote, your total is around 458kg. Just wanna make sure I didnt miss anything.

My best lifts were which est 1rm in brackets using (repsxweighx.0333)+Weight.
Deadlift 12x152.5 (215)
Squat was 10x142.5 (190)
Best bench was 10x97.5 (130)
Combined 535 - so a big jump to 600kg, but I’m ambitious.

Thanks for the support btw.

As explained dropped the 5/3/1 as I’m losing excess weight now. And trying to get 8 rep or more out on a calorie deficit is hard. So dropped the reps and upped the intensity (weight). In theory this works.
Not sure I’ll be gaining much strength now though. So I doubt I’ll even break the 550kg barrier before April.

But a 500kg total at 100kg is better than 600kg at 120kg.
You got a log?

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ahh yeah, thats my bad. I realized that I added up your training maxes instead of True 1RM by mistake. Yes I do have a log, training for a strongman show in april currently.

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Deficit training sucks giant tiger testicals.
Glad I changed to 3x3. The third rep is hard. And not cuz I’m not strong enough. Its energy.
If I was aiming for 5+ I’d be dead by now.

So today was;
80 (all for 5)
100x3 for 2 sets

150 (all for 5)
170x3 for 2 set

The extras weight on last set is an extra not a requirement.

Progression needs to be managed as I’m trying to go every other day.
Three up two down is good idea.

Taking my wife to the gym tonight. Lol, this ends badly.
She wants to see the progression of goblet squat to bar bell squat. Which is great. But she’s going to struggle with technique as she lacks core strength and hates being coached. However she’s coming round the LP strength training. She’s lost 9lb in 8 weeks and is in trousers she’s not worn in 9 months. All with minimal change in diet.
She’s also building nice muscle in her arms back and chest.
Still a long way to go. But a great start. Another 10 weeks of this and she’ll be at her ideal weight.
As for me - weighed myself at the weekend. After dinner and a huge glass of water I was 114kg. The same weight as in last Tuesday. But I know I’m smaller.
Also going to push training harder. 3x3 is cool. But I’m gonna go for as many sets as possible x3reps. I work better like this.
Impossible is nothing, watch this!


Felt great. Dodgy form on the last rep so left the last in there. But felt good

Failed second rep. Got pissy as I should have had that last rep. But then saw the 1500lb marking on the bar - it was a 25kg bar. I thought I was on the 20 bar.
Well. Not to worry.
A few body saws and pull ups waiting for the wife to finish. And boom. Monday done!

So brought some new scales. Very upset - I’m still fat!
A bit perplexed as my weight seams to be anywhere between 116kg (255lb) and 112kg (246lb). So a who
E 4kg or 9lb of fluctuation. I think this is due to the differing surfaces etc. So I will use the same location in the bathroom.
For reference - Weight is taken in nothing but boxers and tee Shirt!

Going for a run tonight. There is a mile track I can use with markers for sprints.

I’ll be happy st my first 110kg (242lb) weigh in.

Boom boom, “metcon” work out done.

5 mins off 12 reps EMOM thrusters (from floor so needed a curl in there also) 8kg each hand.
Going to work upto a 20kg plate asap.
Feels good. More in there. Shoulders felt like the weak like not CV fitness. Which makes me worry about upping the weight. I did just do 60reps. Very quickly. But only at 16kg.

Will increase for next time.

Back pain rhs 99% sure it’s nothing. But will track.

So I realised I was doing the wrong pairing. Am ment to do squats and press / dead’s and bench. So swapped over.

107.5x3 x3
Better than last time.
Albeit only 2 days ago.

Dead lifts- forgot chalk so used trap bar as it’s easier to grip
172.3x3 x3
190x2 grip gave up. Need to remember chalk.

Lat pull downs
5x12 at 35kg each arms. Worked TUT on the concentric phase